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    Default Any verdict on Anthony Logistics frag line?

    I passed these up at Sephora the other day simply because my nose was absolutely shot by the time I noticed them. I did a search here in the community, and after seeing the praises given to its men's skincare line, I'm disappointed that I didn't give these a try. While they're only called "body sprays", each has a good variety of notes, the bottles seemed good quality, and each is only 18 USD for 100ml.

    I'm interested in Fresh Incense and Green Spice myself...

    Thoughts anyone?

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    Default Re: Any verdict on Anthony Logistics frag line?

    I sprayed the two you mentioned on tester strips (I didn't have any more usable areas of skin left at that point!) They seemed surprisingly good (esp. considering the price): well balanced mix of some interesting notes and not completely derivative of what's already out there. Can't comment on the drydown since I wasn't able to give them a skin test.
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    Default Re: Any verdict on Anthony Logistics frag line?

    My boyfriend bought me a 'sample pack' of the four scents (when I jumped on the BN bandwagon). How sweet of him, I thought. However, it was the thought that counts, because I was extremely disappointed in ALL of them. Very low quality, linear scents that dry down to typical marine, light musk boring fragrances. I would classify them as 'Axe' deodorant-type scents.

    I gave them away. Personally, I think a good Ivory soap smell is WAY better than these fragrances.

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