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    Default Seeking summer scent recommendation

    Greetings fellow aficionados/aficionadas,

    I'm a new member (as of today), though I have been enjoying the reviews by more experienced noses, particularly Naed_Nitram's dispatches from Palamede, for quite a while now. I've actually made a few happy new purchases based on what I've read on this site.

    As the weather heats up, I need something for summer. Trouble is, all of my favorites are winter-y; I've never had particularly good luck with scents appropriate for summer.

    I'm a female, but I generally wear men's fragrances. I'm no youngster, either, at 39, and find most modern women's scents too fruity and girlish.

    This winter I've been wearing timid walk-through mists of Guerlain's Derby, still love it. One of the few women's scents I like is Miss Dior, another is Fendi. I used to love Joy for it's stinky undernote, but either mine has gone "off" or it's just too flowery for me now. I have worn vetivers in summers past (Guerlain, Azzaro), but lost my taste for them, too. They usually seem too light to me, a far cry from the dark and stanky vetiver essential oils.

    I like dark and stanky (as in skunky), don't care for citrus, love grassy, haven't much stomach for sweet, I like florals more sharp than sweet. An exception is my passion for Kouros- it's sweetish, but a nasty sort of sweet I found addictive for more than a year.

    My frustration sometimes drives me to single essential oils- geranium, ylang-ylang (one with bite), and of course vetiver. I love evergreens. I like very sharp and green lavenders, but not by itself.

    Many thanks in advance to anyone kind enough to wade through my lengthy post and give me some suggestions to break my summer scent losing streak.

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    Default Re: Seeking summer scent recommendation

    Grassy is good for summer, so here are a few "green" scents, mostly unisex, that you might enjoy:

    Lorenzo Villoresi Yerbamate
    Philosykos, by Diptyque (OK, so it's more woody...)
    Baime by Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier
    Bamboo and Celadon by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

    There are also some less sweet or flowery woody scents that might appeal to you for summer:

    Tam Dao, by Diptyque
    Padparadscha, by Satellite

    You might also want to try a couple of less weighty orientals:

    Jaipur Saphir by Boucheron
    Byzance, by Rochas

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    Default Re: Seeking summer scent recommendation

    To Vibert,
    Thank you so much for the list- plenty to keep me happily occupied with the hunt. Can't wait to explore some new scents. Many thanks again.

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    Default Re: Seeking summer scent recommendation

    If you haven't tried Malle's Vetiver Extraordinaire you might want to give it a try. It's lighter than Guerlain's though. It doesn't have the tobacco note.

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    Default Re: Seeking summer scent recommendation

    Welcome Ferine, It sounds as if you might like chypres. I also have grown tired of florals and am now getting very big on strong spices, ouds and incense. For those you might try samples from Aedes 'Montales' look in the BN directory. An amazing green one is 'Patchouli Leaves'. Also look at Paestum Rose. The myrrh note is lovely combined with a fresh vetiver and damask rose.
    If you like Fendi try Balmain; 'Ivoire' it is somewhere betwween Fendi and Miss Dior and very unique.
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    Default Re: Seeking summer scent recommendation

    I'm not sure if this is too floral for you,but how about Guerlain Jicky?

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