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Thread: Irish Spring?

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    Question Irish Spring?

    I know this sounds crazy, but is there any cologne that smells like Irish Spring or Irish Spring Icy Blast. I use the body wash and the deodorant and it smells so clean and fresh...i was wondering if anyone knew of a frag. that smells that fresh and clean...i need a break from my chergui and my other heavy handed frags. help me please.

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    I was just wondering the same thing. I bought a Speed Stick Irish Spring scent yesterday and it smells really good. I can't think of any cologne that smells like it though.
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    I love the scent of original Irish Spring but I am not a big fan of the body washes, the smell is not the same to my nose, not even really that close.

    As for a cologne I am amazed they do not have one, or at least an aftershave, but then again it was only a few months ago they finally came up with a body wash.

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    A quick search here reveals that one person on here mentioned that Alfred Sung's Paradise for Men (which can be had pretty cheaply online) smelled pretty similar to Irish Spring. Another Basenoter said that Gendarme Green smelled pretty similar.

    So, if you want to smell "fresh and clean as a whistle", those two might be good bets.
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    If you like fresh, clean, soapy scents check out Mugler Cologne.
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    Bowling Green is another scent you might want to try.

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    I think the original Lacoste in the white & green bottle has an Irish Spring-y vibe to it.
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    I second the Bowling Green by Geoffrey Beene recommendation.

    I also recommend Chemistry by Clinique - quite the sleeper scent from the Clinique line, and it smells just like soapy clean. Almost sudsy.

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    Paco Rabanne...dead ringer.

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    thanks guys... i have tried paradise and its a little too papaya smelling to me. I had the original gendarme and was so so about the smell. I have not tried rabane or bowling green and am this close to buying mugler. Im glad im not the only one thinking about how good irish spring smells...and its true the body wash doesnt smell exactly the same , but for 4 bucks...not too bad.

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    i think Lacoste Essential has a very, very similar feel even if its not exactly Irish Spring.

    as a matter of fact that masculine, green, bar soap is exactly what i thought when i smelled it for the first time.

    i think Mugler Cologne misses the mark. its soapy but not that slightly spicy, fresh that is Irish Spring

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    i love irish springs!

    Essential by lacoste? NO WAY. Way too sweet. it doesn't fit the search.

    i didnt think MC would work either...

    i forgot whether it was paco rabanne or polo green...but it was gross... but one of them prob comes close to irish springs
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    Some people used to say that my Etro Resort fragrance (predominantly lime-based) of a few years back smelled like Irish Spring. Now, I've loved the smell of Irish Spring soap since I was a child, but this association, for some reason, started making me self-conscious and I quit wearing Resort. I should dig it up again (in my closet SOMEWHERE) and see if I find it more or less "appropriate" for today.

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    Eternity by Calvin Klein is close to the original 1970s/1980s Irish Spring soap.

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    Sung Homme is a dead ringer IMO.
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    Mugler Cologne has that vibe IMO.

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    Monsieur by JPG.

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    I went through these same machinations a couple of years back. Gendarme Green EDP is the closest I came up with (and I tried them all)

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovingthealien View Post
    Sung Homme is a dead ringer IMO.
    This is true. BTW, there have already been other threads identical to this one.

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    Default Re: Irish Spring?

    Lacoste Booster is pretty close IMO.

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    Just curious is this about the Irish Spring deodorant or the bar soap? I know a couple in here have said the body wash is not the same, but not the same as what?

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