If you like Aramis, but think perhaps it's maybe a bit "dated, and would like something in the same style, but a bit more "up to date" I would heartily suggest trying G-11 by Il Profumo. It is available at luckyscent.com, and would remind you of Aramis, at least at first. It is not at all sweet with a tobacco and vetiver aspect that gives it its own distinctive statement. This like Aramis would never be mistaken for a unisex fragrance. An excellent fragrance, and particularly suited for summer, I think. It may not have as much projection as Aramis, but that too may be a positive, at least to some.

By the way, I love Aramis, and am growing more and more appreciative of it, but also want G-11 and will probably get it soon.

Terrible name (sounds like an international summit conference) but very good fragrance. Not on the search boards here, so thought you might like to hear about this one.