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    Default Emporio Armani White He--or better choice?

    I'd like to hear if you like this, or you can recommend something like this that you like even more. I'm pretty sure you'd classify it as a citrus-musk scent, with both these components noticeable, and as masculine as possible. I'm thinking I'll buy some White He unless you have a better recommendation.

    Has this ever happened to you? I recently bought a very small sample spray of Emporio White and put some on before work today. I noticed that the quality of it was pretty soft--nice white musk, and a little powdery, but I couldn't figure out why I didn't smell any citrus, and it was soft to the point of being feminine. Sure enough, when I got home, I took a closer look at the vial, and it was Emporio White SHE! The company had mailed me the wrong vial, even though the bill clearly said HE! I was originally going to ask here on Basenotes why I couldn't smell any citrus, as I had when I first tested this about three years ago. The White He does have noticeable citrus, doesn't it? It reminded me then of an orange juice-like citrus, with another fruit scent mixed in.

    Any comments are welcome! Thanks!

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    Default Re: Emporio Armani White He--or better choice?

    This was my signature scent for quite some time, and I haven't yet come across something exactly like it. I guess you tried the older metal tube Emporios, too; one of them was a little like white. Of course there are other citrus musks, e.g. Benetton Sport is a quite cheap one and not that bad, but those I tried lacked the soapy saltiness of White.

    A word of caution, though. My bottle has turned within 2-3 years, it had gone quite sour and wasn't as pleasant as in the beginning. If you are going to wear this only occasionally, maybe it would be good to get a 30ml bottle first.

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    Default Re: Emporio Armani White He--or better choice?

    I can't say I've ever thought of it as a particularly citrusy scent. It's a subtle spicy scent to me, kind of like a toned down version of Oscar for Men.

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    Default Re: Emporio Armani White He--or better choice?

    Ive really enjoyed Armani White He, particularly in summer and always enjoyed its citrusy facets. Its a nice scent with some depth to it - something reminiscent of Chanel Allure Sport... a sparkling quality. I might have to revisit it when i get the chance.

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    Default Re: Emporio Armani White He--or better choice?

    I think EAWHe is a very nice scent but you won't find a hell of a lot of citrus on the topnotes, i think that if you like citrus and white musk, a good choice would be cKOne, fujiyama by succès de Paris or even tommy jeans.
    But they all fall more into the unisex category.
    More masculine but less citrusy and yet still musky: Gris Clair by SL, lapidus PH. Other choices you might like: cerutti 1881, azzaro's chrome.
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    Default Re: Emporio Armani White He--or better choice?

    HE - SHE share almost the same notes.... both are really great but i found the femenine version more complex and herbal than the other, anyway, is one of my favs i found them very versatile, comfortable and the musky/floral base make them wonderful summer fragance.... and is not so popular like others gio stuff !

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    Default Re: Emporio Armani White He--or better choice?

    Thanks everyone, for your opinions (so far)...I decided to go out and buy some White He a little while ago, and so far I like it! I'll probably write more on it later. And I'll probably still try some of the alternatives mentioned here!

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