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    Default Creed is just not for me

    I have tested numerous fragrances by creed and on paper they smell good or even great depending on the fragrance. However, once I apply any to my skin, they always seem to turn sour. I think I found the culprit and that is ambergris. Ambergris just does not get along with my skin chemistry. Does anyone else have this problem?
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    Default Re: Creed is just not for me

    Everyone's different. I love amber, but remember, the amber you get now is almost certainly synthetic, since the real deal is too rare and too pricey to be viable. Consequently, the type of amber will vary from one perfume house to another. You may find the Creed amber disagrees with you but it's also possible another company's amber will work fine.
    I have my own problem houses - Chanels just don't work for me at all, but I can wear some really difficult perfumes from other houses.
    Finding what works for you is all part of this fun journey, and why samples were invented!

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    Default Re: Creed is just not for me

    Many here comment that the ambergris (or something else common in Creed's basenotes) becomes ink or metallic notes on the skin, so you have plenty of company, and there's no shame if a particular brand doesn't work for you. My own skin chemistry and allergies have become far more sensitive to synthetics within the past decade, such as aldehydes or modern fragrances of today that feature 100+ synthetic notes. Now I'm sure that Creed uses their share of synthetics as well, but I do believe that the older process they use in creating their scents works well to settle down the notes and make them more wearable for "sensitive types" like myself (for example, I'm allergic to tonka bean in original Burberry for women and Kiehl's Musk, but not in Creed's Original Santal). Creed is probably the easist brand for me to wear, while the ultra-synthetics like Guerlain and Chanel are among the worst (yeah, you can imagine how WOMEN view my fragrance selections and skin chemistry ).
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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: Creed is just not for me

    Yes, I am a card carrying ambergris-hater myself...I have TRIED to like it, but I can't. Just remember to tread lightly: Basenotes is full of Creed lovers, so wear your protective armour at all times, when you're talking negative about Creed. I find a full steel body armour works fine for me.

    Seriously...there are non-ambergris scents from Creed which I love, maybe you will too: Silver Mountain Water and Virgin Island Water are some of my favorites. They turned this Creed-hater around, for sure.

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    Default Re: Creed is just not for me

    Amber and Ambergris are two different things.

    If you want luscious amber, Serge Lutens fragrances might be your thing.

    I dont know of any other house that uses vomit-loads of ambergris like Creed does. I would say if the house doesn't work for you, its best to move on and perhaps revisit it later (if time and interest allows). Try to see if Fleurs de Bulgare works on you - its a Creed which containsa high % of ambergris.
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    Default Re: Creed is just not for me

    I am no longer sure whether it's the ambergris note that I don't like in some Creeds. I recently tried Ambre Canelle, and Royal English Leather: I can't detect anything of the sharp note in these that I had previously thought was the ambergris: these are both in fact too sweet for me, yet they are supposed to have the ambergris base. But GIT, MI etc, a whole group, have a sharpness about them that is a real turnoff for me.
    OTOH, BdP, Royal Delight and especially Orange Spice are really great. Himalaya is an interesting one: it has a bit of the sharpness but not too much, a good dry down, it's a pity it isn't a little longer lived for me.
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    Default Re: Creed is just not for me

    dont fret...
    just think of all the money you'll be saving
    "You smell kinda pretty! Wanna Smell me ?"
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    Default Re: Creed is just not for me

    While I love the Creed line myself, I suggest you check out the Bond No. 9 line if you haven't already. It is also great quality, and in general Bond makes for a more clean wearing when compared to Creed.

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    Default Re: Creed is just not for me

    Thanks for all the recommendations. I have tryed VIW but it's just not for me however I don't have to worry about the sour drydown on my skin. SMW is very good and if it had better longetivity I would look past that ambergris drydown.

    I am definatly going to look into BOND NO. 9's line

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    Default Re: Creed is just not for me

    but for me :-)

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    Default Re: Creed is just not for me

    Quote Originally Posted by P-Natra View Post
    but for me :-)
    Me too!

    You may also want to check out Original Vetiver. Another Creed without the "house Creed note".

    Wearing it today!

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    Default Re: Creed is just not for me

    Will just say that a couple years ago I determinded to try several Creeds and Goutals. Could not wear any fragrance I tried from either house. My chem. just doesn't tolerate either of them.
    Currently wearing: Yatagan by Caron

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    Default Re: Creed is just not for me

    When I smell Creeds, they all seem highly sophisticated, classy, and of jewel-like quality. But I don't always warm to them either.

    I even wore GIT to a wedding the other day, and it actually fit pretty nicely there.

    I think they're a little too fancy and dressed-up for me (usually). I'm more of a sleazebag. Similarly, I can look at a Bentley, and admire how fancy and nice it is, but I probably wouldn't buy one, even if I had that much cash.


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    Default Re: Creed is just not for me

    I have tried VIW, GIT, SMW, and MI and I was not wild about any of them. VIW I liked but opted for Tommy Bahama Set Sail St. Barts instead, I felt the lime note in VIW was just very artificial and dominated the scent, almost to a pungent point. GIT was pretty boring I thought, I actually felt Cool Water had more depth to it. MI was nice but not for me I discovered, and SMW was pleasant but it smelled like tea leaves at it's base and the black currant note just overpowered everything else about it.

    Longevity on all of them was very good and I could see how some would like Creed, they are just not for me.

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    Default Re: Creed is just not for me

    I highly recommend the Frederic Malle line. They have a versatile selection created by some the greatest perfumers in the business. Proof that perfume making is an art form.

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    Default Re: Creed is just not for me

    I personally cannot get into Serge Lutens. Its not a chemical compatibility issue; I just don't like any scent this house puts out. The sweet animal barn interpretation doesn't do anything for me.

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    Default Re: Creed is just not for me

    I find Creed fragrances very monotone, very overrated and very expensive, There is not one of their fragrances that I like enough to buy. To me they are very expensive "cheap and nasty" copies of existing fragrances.

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    Default Re: Creed is just not for me

    I Have The Same Problem Wiht The Creed Scents I Got A Sample Of The Newest Scent Virgin Island And It Was Not What I expected. I Give up On Creed. AND A Friend Of Mine Got Me A Sample Of Bond LATEST SCENT CONEY ISLAND And It Was A Lot Better ,And, It Does Stay For A Longer Time .That Is A Big Plus FoR Me.
    Is not that i dont like creed is that it not a long lasting scent but in general the scent that they have are not bad only for the new virgian island is so coconut i can't resist that scent
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