I was putting the finishing touches on my Eau De Quinine review when I fired it off into the ether...without doing a little more self-editing.

I found EdQ and Floris No. 89 similar in that they both suggest turn-of-the-century gentleman in my mind. What I forgot to note was No. 89 is more midi-de-siecle than fin-de-siecle. Love of description trumped fact and logic (ahh the power of scent), and my fate was sealed.

*Slaps forehead, hangs head in shame...*

Right after I realized the extent of my inaccuracy I sent Grant an e-mail.


I knew there was a reason I hadn't posted reviews in a while. So if you see that one just...uh..disregard. Or have a good laugh, I can't very well stop you from doing that either!:-)