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    Question Chanel goste observation

    Hey all,

    After lurking on Basenotes for quite some time now I have noticed that goste by Chanel is rarely ever mentioned/recommended on these boards despite winning the most recent "Best Men's Fragrance" award!

    Personally, I do not yet own it, but am considering giving it a shot based on the award and it's vanilla basenote.

    I'm curious to hear your impressions of this fragrance and why you do or do not include it in your recommendations to other people?

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    Default Re: Chanel goste observation

    A quick use of the search function shows 8 threads on Egoiste since March 2007, so I guess it is definitely one of the fragrances discussed often here. Its also a favorite of many. Egoiste is a little too sweet for me - I much prefer Chanels bois des iles, which is somewhat similar but drier and more to my liking.

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    I would say it is a regular recommendation on here.

    As always, sniff first. That said, this isn't one where I would jump up and down and warn you that you really oughtn't consider buying it unsniffed.

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    Its a classic...the drydown is wonderful...i prefer this scent on the evening or winter.

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    Yes, do try it, but be careful. It's unique and creative, but it can be pretty polarizing, and it takes awhile to make up your mind about it. At first I didn't like it, then I enjoyed it for a bit, but then I developed such an intense disike for it that I swapped away by bottle. The topnotes just don't work for me, and if you want a nice vanilla sandalwood base, there are many other scents to choose from. That said, it is well constructed and the degree to which it evolves throughout its life is spectacular. Just be wary of the topnotes.
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    so unique scent , heavy sweet notes with boozy smell especially in the top notes and really a wonderfull fragrance but not for everybody , must try it before buy ... yes the drydown is amazing!

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