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    Default New Ralph Lauren?

    Does anybody know anything about Ralph Lauren's new fragrance? I think it's scheduled for release this summer. Scent? Name? any info would be great.

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    Default Re: New Ralph Lauren?

    I haven't heard anything about a new Ralph Lauren fragrance... not even from the Ralph Lauren/Armani rep at the local Macy's, who is usually well-informed. Nor has Gary (G.303 here on Basenotes, who works for them) muttered a word about it.

    But given the rapid release of Polo Double Black one year after the original Polo Black, I wouldn't be surprised.
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    Default Re: New Ralph Lauren?

    Yes there is one on the way. I'm sorry but my lips must be sealed for now. It should hit the doors around late August. I don't want to say anything because these things can change quickly. Sometimes there is a name change or a launch date change....So we must be careful. I will let everyone know as soon as I get the OK......Take care and Thanks for understanding,

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    Default Re: New Ralph Lauren?

    Can you maybe tell us what type of scent it is?

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    Default Re: New Ralph Lauren?

    OOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhh, Baby!! Triple Black is on the WAY!!!

    Sorry. Little jaded right now...I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow...all will be better...

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    Default Re: New Ralph Lauren?

    G.303, it looks like the NY Post's Page Six spilled the beans today on Polo's new Explorer fragrance. Now can you tell us more?
    NY Post article:
    "June 8, 2007 -- ON this week's anniversary of the D-Day invasion, Ralph Lauren led 18 fashion editors on an invasion of the Hamptons. Lauren, who was just 6 during the 1944 Allied assault on Normandy, launched his new Polo Explorer fragrance by choppering the journalists from the 30th Street Heliport for a 31/2-hour whirlwind junket, which soon had them in a squadron of Land Rovers blasting through the sands of Napeague, L.I. On the beach, they savored champagne, a gourmet lobster bake served by Exquisite Food, and joy rides on the four-wheelers. The only glitch came when the Town of East Hampton's Marine Patrol pulled up to warn the revelers about disturbing endangered Piping Plovers that supposedly nest in the dunes."

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