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    Default Vol de Nuit = Jicky spiced up?

    Hi men. I just got a 30 ml Parfum-version of Vol de Nuit in that awesome "propella"-bottle.

    Not many threads about Vol de Nuit for men here, so I'd like to know if some of you like this scent? I do!

    I guess it's first of all an oriental, but it reminds me very much of Jicky, just spiced up. That is, like a fougère-ish walk in a mildly wet forest, just spiced immensely up with a sharp floral quality in the top notes.

    As I find Jicky manly, so is Vol de Nuit in my view. Some thoughts?

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    Default Re: Vol de Nuit = Jicky spiced up?

    A little, just a little, 'manlier' than L'heure Bleue, I believe. But both are very wearable as an EDT, as has been stated on other threads. I have no experience with the perfume, other than from sampling. Congratulations MG! How does the perfume compare to L' Heure Bleue EDT?
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    Default Re: Vol de Nuit = Jicky spiced up?

    No. VdN is quite different from Jicky. They share one chromosome only.
    VdN is very polite and amicable with a touch of cowardice, whereas the chutzpah of Jicky is overwhelmingly seductive. VdN is more like Mure et Musc--a shy kiss. Both are timeless.

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    Default Re: Vol de Nuit = Jicky spiced up?

    Hello Killer_Vavoom

    Often I have changed my view of perfumes after using them for a while (and after reading knowledgeable reviews), and VdN is very new to me. So your input will probably influence my sniffing and reflections on VdN vs Jicky over the coming weekend.

    Yesterday night I sniffed VdN from my wrist sans arrêt, and my first impressions were, as I said above, that VdN in the middle of the whole thing, share some foresty accord with Jicky. Perhaps I am not right. What also strikes me is that I'd normally say that Jicky is the polite one, VdN the seductive one. This weekend I will try to find out how the VdN could be viewed as polite. Is it bevause I use the Parfum? Yesterday I found it quite spicy and aggressive, not polite?

    Jicky may be seductive, but still, even my Parfum-edition is kind of shy and polite in my view. But then again, sometimes shyness is seductive.
    Quote Originally Posted by narcus View Post
    How does the perfume compare to L' Heure Bleue EDT?
    I think that the EdT version can be viewed as a "shortcut" to the Parfum, that is a quick trip from top to base, whereas the Parfum takes hours to go the way. And on this way, it shows it's complexity in a way that the EdT doesn't have time and force for.

    The Parfum is, to my nose, extremely florally spicy all the way through, though the last part of the trip is powered by the vanilla.

    For me, it is the first scent that I own that I can smell with my memory without having it in front of me. And the Parfum version is even more distinctive!
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    Default Re: Vol de Nuit = Jicky spiced up?

    Aside from being both recognizable as Guerlains, I find them very different scents. I suppose closer in parfum than in EdT/EdP, but...

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