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    Default speed of the site

    is anyone else having issues with the speed of the site? I find it to be consistently slow and nearly every day a complete crash mid afternoon for a while.

    i make my living as a web guy so any excuse of 'not enough bandwidth' etc is bogus. with the amount of subscribers, there shouldn't be any problem getting the right servers to serve up this [absolutely wonderful, yet addictive] site.

    admins!! i swear this isn't a plug but i've had really good experience with for customer service, speed, and propagation times if you're not actually hosting this site yourself. NWR is hooked into the main seattle backbone so everything is pretty much propogated as fast as can be. i'm pretty pleased with my site's service (though you're much bigger so some inquiries to them are in order)
    which on that note, pm me for any web related issue for the site.. i'd love to help
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    Default Re: speed of the site

    We're aware of the speed issues - and while we are currently on a dedicated (non-shared) server, we appear to have outgrown our current hosts.

    We've been speaking to Rackspace, who are reportedly one of the best - they've had a look at the site and can provide exaclty what we need. Though at a cost. I just need to work out if I can afford it at the moment

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    Default Re: speed of the site

    I haven't had any problems whatsoever.

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    Default Re: speed of the site

    I've been having serious problems with access over the last two to three months; so much so, that I am visiting the site less and less often than I used to. Many times, I can't get the community page to load. Other times, once I'm in, the pages I click on won't load and time out.


    P.S. Even when trying to submit this reply, it timed out.

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    Default Re: speed of the site

    I'm having problems too. Not timing out but slow page loading and sometimes not loading at all. I go away and come back later to try again.
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    Default Re: speed of the site

    I also have problems most days with very slow page loading and at times the page does not appear at all.
    I've tried various things, thinking it was perhaps my system or my provider but I see that it probably isn't me.
    I hope that the admins can solve the problem some time soon because I am just loving this site but for the long waits. eBay Australia and BASENOTES, my two main haunts these days!
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    Default Re: speed of the site

    Besides speed issues I am also getting "database error" when trying to get into threads.
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