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    Default Interesting Ebay Creed story

    This Seller is selling perfumes including Creeds.

    As you can see in the above link he is offering Creed GIT for 44.95 Buy It Now. Now that is very cheap. I sent him a question in regard to if the Creed is real and if he would guarantee it. He didn't get back to me for about a week. Then I sent another message saying: "Can I take you not answering me as proof that teh Creed is fake?" and he wrote back saying : "We only sell real products".

    So a few weeks pass and I figure why not buy one of the Creeds of his and see whats up.
    So I go to bid on it and .....oh look at this... he blocked me from bidding on his auctions.

    Isn't it funny how a simple question if a product is fake or real makes this seller block you from bidding on his stuff even though he said that is not fake but real Creed.

    Watch out !

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    Default Re: Interesting Ebay Creed story

    His auction title says 4.0 oz 100 ml and his description says 125 ml. 4.0 oz is 120 ml.
    The seller does say he takes returns within 14 days and even pays for postage.
    Even fro gray market this stuff seems too cheap. He does have some positive feedback form people who bought Creeds off him.
    I'd still stay away.

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    Angry Re: Interesting Ebay Creed story

    Am I getting a whiff of a former very heavily discounted Creed GIT eBay seller (Seller of counterfeit Creed products and no longer selling under that name on eBay) rising like the Phoenix from the ashes, once again...??

    A familiar retaliatory feedback pattern used as a weapon to ward off negative feedback by buyers as this other seller listed below. Same general area of the country. Same impossibly low come-on pricing. Hmmmmm.. for further info.

    Read this current eBay seller's 38 Neutral and negative reviews on carefully. Then check out bisys00's (no longer an eBay seller) neutrals and negatives and compare.
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    Default Re: Interesting Ebay Creed story

    It seems like the GIT's on ebay are selling for 60 dollars at most. This is probaly a good sign that most of them are probaly fake.

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    Default Re: Interesting Ebay Creed story

    It's always safest when Buying creeds on ebay to buy from individuals who are selling them used than stores who sell them new for $50 - I got a real 120mL SMW barely used for $50, and I've seen other creeds including rarer ones than SMW and GIT go in the mid sixties for 120mL bottles always from individuals. I don't think they make many fakes of other Creeds besides SMW, GIT, and maybe Himalaya
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