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    Default Help me identify a Guerlain mini

    I bought this two minis on eBay along with some others. They were not expensive. Both are mini "bee" bottles, one of them is Eau de Cologne Imperiale, but the second one has no sticker, nothing written on the bottom or anywhere else. The seller doesn't know which one it is.
    As you can see in the photo, the juice is clear - compared to the Imperiale, the latter is very slightly more yellow (the difference is almost unpercetible). I sniffed them both and the longevity is the same - some five minutes on skin. The Imperiale is very citrusy, the UFO smells more herbal, I'd say rosemary and lavender. I browsed the Guerlain website and I'd say it's probably du Coq, or do you have another suggestions?

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    Default Re: Help me identify a Guerlain mini

    I haven't got a clue, but I love those bottles!! I have never seen those before!
    Sorry, no help.

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    Default Re: Help me identify a Guerlain mini

    Mini bee bottle pictures are the ultimate in porn.

    Is it an Eau de Cologne? There are four by Guerlain:

    Imperiale - you know it isnt that. more orange, neroli and a bit sweeter than the others.
    Eau de Fleurs de cedrat - Yellow colour very pronounced sharp lemon with no real delelopment - it smells great, then it goes
    Eau du Coq - the driest, most austere. Dry lemon with rosemary.
    Eau de guerlain - sorry never smelled it, but it was formulated in the 1970's and has a base structure listed, I guess this is different to a classic eau?

    From the colour in your picture, if it is an Eau I would guess du coq too. Its not yellow enough to be the cedrat.
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    Default Re: Help me identify a Guerlain mini

    I'd say du Coq as well - Eau de Guerlain has a very distinct carraway note in the opening, which would be hard to miss.
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