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    Default New Starter - dazed and confused

    Hello All

    I have recently stumbled across the world of fragrances after years of just buying the odd designer fragrances I liked the look of. For the past fifteen years I have usually worn L’Eau D’Issey por Homme and Chanel Pour Monsieur for daytime and Gucci Envy for evening.

    But after a recent trip to les senteurs in London I have become much more interested in the whole subject and have very much enjoyed reading your posts; as another member stated recently, I have learned more in two days reading this website than in months of asking shop assistants (that is not to say they have been unhelpful, I have just not known what questions to ask).

    At the moment my biggest problem is not knowing wear to start. When I was in les sentuers I bought Piver’s d’Aventure and took away a number of the EdP samples. I have since bought Vetiver Extraordinaire and Guerlain’s Vetiver and enjoy both, although they seem to be very different types of fragrance. I also bought Creed’s Bois du Portugal on a (very expensive) whim and although I love the fragrance, on me it smells….dated?

    I think I prefer the more citrus and wood bases scents but I also like the more dark and complex musk (I love Musc Ravageur) and amber fragrances, I just don’t feel comfortable wearing them. Yet.

    So could anyone give me some advice on what to try next I would be most grateful, as at the moment I am like a kid in a sweetshop.


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    Default Re: New Starter - dazed and confused

    If you want woods and citrus then you should might like some of the types I like

    You might want to look at a few woody ones like:
    Gucci pour Homme
    YSL - M7
    L'Artisan - Dzing!
    YSL - Rive Gauche

    Citrus I am no as fond of so try:
    Creed - Neroli Sauvage
    Dior - Eau Sauvage
    You already have one of my favorites... Chanel pour monsier

    Of course, the obvious choice that has both is D&G pour Homme

    I am a huge fan of the fragrance class that goes along with Musc Ravageur. I have so many suggestions for when you are ready to start wearing those...

    Oh, I forgot... WELCOME!!!!

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    Default Re: New Starter - dazed and confused

    Welcome to BN Gibsey! I think EnvYuS has given you some good pointers there. I know how you feel because I found BN several years ago whilst looking where to find a bottle of Patrick Cox High for Men. And since then I've amassed about 30+ bottles of fragrances that I'd never heard of previously. I wish I could say just try this or that but its so difficult to try and summarise all these fragrances. It's kind of like a long voyage really in that you spend a long part of your life looking for things. Personally I started by looking through the pages of posts then I used the Directory which is a good place or even look at peoples wardrobes and look at ratings of fragrances. In England you will find some of them impossible to find particularly some niche brands. Creed is quite commonly discussed here and you already have BdP and if you want some more "modern" smelling ones then look at their Millesime range. Other niche brands worth a look at besides Creed and Malle are Diptyque, L'Artisan, Ormonde Jayne (all have stores in London), Montale, Divine (two excellent mens fragrances), MPG, Parfumerie Generale, Lorenzo Villoresi and Bond No.9 (available at Harvey Nics). I could go on but those are good places to look if niche is what you want. In department stores you should be able to further investigate the likes of Guerlain, Chanel etc too. Happy hunting and prepare yourself for some nice surprises and some big disappointments.
    For samples - other than the stores directly you can try places such as Luckyscent (they are in USA but ship to UK) and First In Fragrance (in Germany but ships to UK).

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    Default Re: New Starter - dazed and confused

    Hello, this community is a wonderful resource for advancing your interest, you will receive some great advice.

    The best I can offer is to test, test and test again Acquire samples and wear them until you have made a judgement, one way or the other. The investment in samples is well worth it. I have made many purchases based on re-testing a sample in different situations eg. weather, setting etc. Different factors can have a big bearing on a purchase choice, I think these only become apparent over time.

    You could do worse than to sample a few more Guerlains. Habit Rouge, Heritage, Mitsouko, Coriolan, L'instant etc. These are all easily available in the UK, should you decide that you like them.

    Happy hunting
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    Default Re: New Starter - dazed and confused

    Give Versace L'Homme a try

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    Default Re: New Starter - dazed and confused

    Welcome, Gibsey!

    Yes, indeed, starting out in this obsession certainly has its challenges! Like Latch35 says, test, test, and test some more to find out where your true affinities lie. To his suggestion of Coriolan I would add Cartier's Declaration, Terre D'Hermes, Malle's Bigarade Concentree, and Monsieur Givenchy.

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    Default Re: New Starter - dazed and confused

    For wood frags, I would recommend checking out Palisander from CDG and maybe Gucci PH. I also really enjoy Intrigant Patchouli from Parfumerie Generale.

    For citrus, Acqua di Parma Colonia and Mugler Cologne are my current favs.

    And, when you are ready for the ambers, Ambre Sultan from SL and Blue Amber from Montale.

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