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Thread: Iceberg Twice?

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    Hello all. I've seen Iceberg Twice mentioned a few times in the boys' forum, where it's been called a well-crafted fragrance and mentioned as a "cheap thrill." I don't recall hearing anything about the women's version. It does tend to pop up on the Basenotes directory when I search for notes that I like. I appreciate the note pyramid in theory - it seems like a pretty white floral with a few fun top notes for casual summer wear - but would like to hear more about it before I plunk down some change. Has anyone worn it? If so, what were your thoughts?

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    yes i couldn´t try this one too but am using the men version which is really a fine frag (similar to opium ph ysl but lighter and less spicey - look at the "Iceberg Twice;thats nice!" thread) especially for summer. Did read that the women´s version is an Floral - Aquatic (man´s version is an oriental-woody) and lighter than the original femme version (from sophie labbe) which i now and find really very good too (Floral-Fruity).
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