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    Default Creed Royal Blends: What's yours?

    "Royal Blend" = RW + MI $(SMW)
    "Enigmatic Blend" = New Tab + MI $(RW)
    "The Smart Blend" = Fluerissimo + GIT
    "Crystal Blend" = RW + Bois de Cedrat $(MI)
    "Oceanic Breeze" = Erolfa + Neroli Sauvage
    "Elixer of Youth" = Orange Spice + RW + MI
    "Sensual Water" = Chevrefeuille + MI
    "Blend of Seduction" = Acier Aluminum + Neroli Sauvage + ZMP
    "Majestical Water" = MI + BdP
    "Sunshine Blend" = Spring Flower + SMW
    "Divine Blend" = Fantasia de Fleurs + Fleurissimo
    "Blend of Love" = SF + MI
    "Innocent Blend" = SF + MI + SMW
    "Noble Blend" = Vintage Tab + Citrus Bigarade
    "Scent of Style" = RW + SF $(MI)
    "Magical Scent" = GIT + SMW + ZMP
    "Cocktail of Passion" = Erolfa + BdP
    "Capture by Desire" = New Tab + MI + Green Valley
    "The Love Affair Blend" = FdF + Tuberose Indiana + MI
    "Secret of Immortality" = BdP + Selection Verte
    "The Blend of Success" = GV + GIT + Vintage Tab
    "Blend of Magnetic Forces" = ZMP + NS + RW

    A $ means that this perfume is optional. (Example: MI + GIT $(SMW) Means (MI and GIT), OR (MI, GIT, and SMW)) This list does not list the proper proportions.

    This is a list of the "Creed Royal Blends". These are blends recognized by Creed as excellent or above satisfactory. For those of you who don't know, Creed encourages the mixing of their perfumes, because with the infusion technique Creed uses, it is very simple for one to mix their own perfumes using Creed's as the ingredients. The Creed Master Blender comes to KC twice a year, and he will mix the Creeds in anyway you want, and knows the proper proportions for the above blends. He travels around the US, and will give a certain number of private appointments per establishment.

    The question I have is, "What is your blend?". It can be from the above list, or can be one you make up yourself. To make this thread more interesting, everyone list their own blend.

    Mine is 5/8's Virgin Island Water + 3/8's Millesime Imperial. I call it Imperial Island Water.
    - Rich
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