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    Default Fake Chanel No5 Tester From Ebay?

    Hello everyone,

    What a great site basenotes is! The best fragrance reviews/news site I've seen.

    I have a question. I'm new to ebay and not that well-versed in fragrances. I bought a 35ml Chanel No5 parfum tester bottle from there.

    According to some on ebay Buyer Guides, testers are the only reliable way to get Chanel fragrances cheaply. However, a lot of people refer to No5 as being "amber-coloured", and as this is the parfum, you'd think it would be especially so. The colour is pale.

    Is it possible to fake tester bottles?

    (There are no floaters, the lens may be picking up my grubby paws)!

    The details on the back are engraved, clearly marked "Tester - Not For Sale". I bought it without a cap, no box either.

    Your opinion would be appreciated. Am I being paranoid? It smells ok.

    Could tester bottles be decanted with rogue juice?

    Thanks. x
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    Default Re: Fake Chanel No5 Tester From Ebay?

    ebay Chanels are extremely dicey, possibly even tied with Creeds off ebay. This has to do with how legendarily draconian Chanel is about inventory control. It is very rare for Chanel fragrances to fall into grey-market hands, and this lack of supply combined with the high-prices Chanels command makes them an attractive product for counterfeiters.

    That said, I do find it strange that someone would bother to fake a Tester bottle, as it is more effort to engrave the marking into the bottle, and a tester will almost by definitition sell for a lower price. It would have to be a mighty crafty crook to know that:
    A. Ebay is full of fake Chanels,
    B. Testers are less likely to be faked, and thus more likely to be considered real by bidders, so the lower price it sells for is offset by inspiring a false confidence and getting more people to bid.

    I suspect that it is probably real, but old stock, and may have "gone-off" a bit, as Chanels are notoriously wont to do (another reason to be careful with Chanels on ebay).

    Unfortunately, Chanel is one of the houses that it is usually best to just buck up and pay the extra at an established store, for reasons of peace-of-mind.

    Welcome to basenotes by the way

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    Default Re: Fake Chanel No5 Tester From Ebay?

    Thanks for your reply, and the kind welcome, Joel

    I suspected the colour might be a tell-tale hint, but I'm definitely not an expert on Chanel parfums. I paid 64.99 for it, not that that means anything!

    I'll take your advice and save my pennies for Chanel in future.

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    Default Re: Fake Chanel No5 Tester From Ebay?

    For what little it may be worth, my Chanel No. 5 parfum is a light color very similar to your pictures.

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    Default Re: Fake Chanel No5 Tester From Ebay?

    No, it's good of you to reply, Schareid. I remember the "amber-colour" from the bottle my mother had when I was a child. I used to put it on a bit *too* liberally and get a telling-off


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    Default Re: Fake Chanel No5 Tester From Ebay?

    I believe that this is old stock. I sell this item in my retail store (as a tester) and the color does seem a bit off. I don't believe that it's a fake, though.

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    Default Re: Fake Chanel No5 Tester From Ebay?

    Aargh. I must admit, sometimes I sniff it and think, it's ok, then I think, no, it's not. I did note that there was no bubbles in the spray tube, which I read means that it's been sprayed before (it was advertised as "new"). Perhaps as it's been unboxed it's not been stored well..according to the "date code" thread I read, it's reasonably new (number 8403).

    I'll have to take my nose along to a Chanel retailer to confirm it.

    Another thing, are the tester bottles all similar? I've noticed some have a sort-of "piechart", signifying the different notes of the parfum, on the back of the bottle. Does this graphic this apply to older tester bottles? The No5 doesn't have it engraved on the back.

    Again, I really appreciate your replies so far
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    Default Re: Fake Chanel No5 Tester From Ebay?

    I have a question; is it possible that Chanel No.5 comes with a plastic cap? It's the retail box with all the with all the stickers in the right places and looks exactly like the advertisements.

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