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    Default scented body cream/lotion?

    This is a weird question.
    Do us men have any type of scented body cream/lotion? I'm asking this because a friend of mine (girl) uses some type of lotion cream or lotion that she often applies on her body after the shower. It seems to stay well on her skin, combines with her skin chemistry, and develops over time. Even her clothes reek of this scent, and she smells heavenly without using any type of fragrances. Could it be her shower wash? whatever it is, it sure stays longer than fragrances.

    So I'm wondering if us men have anything like this, aside from shower gel. Thanks

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    Default Re: scented body cream/lotion?

    can you ask her what it is please? thanks

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    Default Re: scented body cream/lotion?

    I know that fragrances also come with matching body lotions. I really enjoy The Mugler Cologne body lotion.

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    Default Re: scented body cream/lotion?

    I tried. I told her something smelled really attractive and she said she doesn't use any fragrances. I asked her what shower wash she uses and she says she uses Dove. But could shower wash stay so long on the body and the clothes. It blends with her skin chemistry to create a very sexy scent, not synthetic like fragrances but very natural, and beautiful like how women should smell like. Its like when you smell a great scent on somebody, and you know right away its the cologne, in this case, its like she was born with it. Like the scent somes from her own skin. Know what I mean?

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    Default Re: scented body cream/lotion?

    I happened upon Platinum Egoiste aftershave moisturizer for men and I think it smells wonderful, very light and fresh and mellow. I wonder if you might like to try that.

    Some of the Philosophy body washes are for body and hair, like Amazing Grace, for example and that smell lingers.
    very nice.
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    Default Re: scented body cream/lotion?

    I have never been able to wear normal body lotions for two reasons: Oily skin and most commercially available body lotions have that horrible 'cream' note that I can't stand. Only a few, do I find, tolerable.

    Having said that I own and admire two (2) scented body products:

    Azuree Soleil Body Oil by Estee Lauder (Tom Ford)
    Un Jardin sur le Nil Body Lotion by Hermes
    Currently wearing: Jicky by Guerlain

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