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Thread: Cotton notes?

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    Default Cotton notes?

    OK, so I started seeing cotton notes in a few scents recently (maybe they were always there and I just never noticed..?) Clean has got one and the new Empori Armani Red He (and She) have descriptions that mention cotton also.

    In my opinion cotton has no smell. Right? Are we talking about the smell of a cotton plant or a cotton seed?

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    Default Re: Cotton notes?

    Lucky You is an old fave of mine & it specifically lists "cotton flower" as one of the notes.
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    Default Re: Cotton notes?

    Casual Friday by Escada has a "cotton flower" note in it.

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    Default Re: Cotton notes?

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    Default Re: Cotton notes?

    I have a linen spray called Egyptian Cotton, which I love, and your question prompted me to check the label. Strangely, it says "delicate floral notes of airy, white lily and soothing jasmine blended with slightly wooded balsamic notes, capturing the overall feel of this mesmerizing aroma". So many words, so little information...

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