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Thread: seeking samples

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    Default seeking samples

    I tried posting this in the Fragrances Wanted section, but that's a bit of a ghost town. I hope this is the right way to broadcast a request for a variety of samples/decants. Too many people in the various swap/decant lists to email them all, and too many wardrobes to cross check. I don't want to spam the members

    I'd like to get samples of these fragrances for men:

    Desire for a Man - Alfred Dunhill
    Bijan for Men - Bijan
    Number 3 / Le 3me Homme / The Third Man - Caron
    Escada Homme - Escada
    Lauder for Men - Estée Lauder
    Pi - Givenchy
    Habit Rouge - Guerlain
    Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge - Jacomo
    Lalique pour Homme - Lalique
    Lonestar Memories - Tauer
    TL pour Lui - Ted Lapidus
    A*Men / Angel Men - Thierry Mugler
    Ulysse - Vicky Tiel

    Many thanks!

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    Default Re: seeking samples

    What colognes do you have already? I have amen and habit rouge and i dont really like either...maybe if you have something you dont like we could swap?

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    Default Re: seeking samples

    I'm really only looking for samples, thanks. All I have for swapping in terms of bottles is a 2.6 oz Azzaro pour homme, and a Tabac Original 3.4 oz, but I don't imagine these are of much appeal. Apart from these all I really have are tons of partially used sample phials

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    Default Re: seeking samples

    I think most of the online retailers would be happy to sell you samples as many offer them for a small price. You might have to contact a few of them but it might be easier than dealing with several Basenoters, working out the payment issues, and so on....

    Best regards,


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