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    Hey folks... I've seen many Serge Lutens fragrances discussed on the threads throughout the past year... and I've trolled the reviews section to see what feelings are regarding certain scents.... One SL concoction that seems to get the most scathing reviews.. is that of my beloved Chypre Rouge... those who hate this one seem to truly hate it..

    I on the other hand really enjoy this scent.. I find it rugged, piney, masculine... herbal and just sweet enough to balance into something really unique.. and something sensual and dark that wears very well on my skin. It gives me the same sort of sensation that Goutal's Sables does..but without that gooey caramel/maple note..

    Are there any other fans of this SL frag or am I the only one? I want to hear from others that enjoy it..if you're out there!


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    I was instantly intrigued by Chypre Rouge and knew it would stay on my mind. So I bought it, on first sniff. I still think it is an interesting fragrance, but I am not so sure it is what I want to smell like. Plus there are so many other fragrances that I just don't have enough time to spend with, and so many more to explore.

    I can see it having its fans, and I certainly don't dislike it. The competition is just too stiff!

    I think Dimples mentioned a sales associate at the Lutens counter who just loved the stuff.

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