I just went to take a look at the reviews for Ralph Lauren's Polo Blue, a scent that is going on five years old now. I was surprised to see quite a bit of negative reviews, but then noted a bit of a trend: When the scent first came out, it had generally positive results. As time went on, however, the reviews started to turn negative, with "typical fresh scent", "boring", etc.

The reason I went to look at the scent in the directory because I wanted to see the actual notes--after all, it has been almost five years since I bought my bottle. What intrigues me the most is the general perception of the scent now vs. when it came out, which, to my recollection, marked the first time a designer launched a "blue" fragrance. Actually, it may have been one of the first to be identified with a color, period.

Was the scent groundbreaking? Perhaps not, but to be honest, I don't recall many other aquatic type scents at the time and it did start of a massive trend in the Blue which lead to Black and so on and so forth. In retrospect, is it really fair to judge the scent as "typical" based on a currently saturated market when it was perhaps the one to start the trend in the first place? It may not stand out in the sea of blues as the shiniest star, but I do believe some credit, or blame, is deserved for jump-starting a trend that has led to a lot of "typical" fragrances since.