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    Default Is "The Dreamer" so bad?

    Is "The Dreamer" so bad? Why??
    I like the Tobacco notes
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    Default Re: Is "The Dreamer" so bad?

    A funny story-- the other night I was going through a huge drawer of sample vials I'd made over the course of the past couple of years-- stuff I decant into small unmarked vials to freshen up with at work. They were all unmarked-- I would open each one up, sniff it until I figured out what it was, then put it in a pile. I got most of the fragrances right. But there was ONE fragrance that I couldn't identify. What the hell is this fragrance? It smells great, but I can't figure out what the hell it is. For an hour I kept revisiting it to try to guess what it might be. No luck it was driving me nuts. Whatever it was, it was captivating.

    Then FINALLY I realized that it was a vial of the Dreamer that I was sniffing.

    The other fragrance that confuses me when I find an unmarked vial is GIT of all things. I'm always like "WOW this is incredible, but I don't recognize it-- then I realize it's GIT and I'm an idiot!" BTW, some guy was wearing GIT at my bar tonight-- I'm certain it was GIT and not Cool Water-- I was even more certain after he ordered a snifter of Johnny Walker Blue Label-- yep, it HAD to be GIT. I wanted to commend him on his choice of fragrance, but I didn't want the other bartender to give me any grief (we're pretty cutthroat with each other where I work).

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    Default Re: Is "The Dreamer" so bad?

    Who said that it was "so bad"? I rather like it, although I probably wouldn't own it (too sweet for starts to get on my nerves, as most sweet scents do) but I recognie that it smells pretty damn good in general. It has an absolutely one-of-a-kind aroma of mint, sweet tobacco, and (for me) caramel. I'd actually like to see more people wearing it.
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    Wink Re: Is "The Dreamer" so bad?

    I owned The Dreamer and loved it for it's brash opening and the fantastic tobacco leaf note. But the fact that it is such a sillage bomb made it less than appropriate for most situations I find myself in. Perhaps it's strictly an evening scent. The much admired Luca Turin claimed it to be a masterpiece. I often wonder, does he suffer from OCD?

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    Default Re: Is "The Dreamer" so bad?

    "The Dreamer" was the very first cologne I ever bought. I really enjoy it. I went shopping with a girlfriend of mine the other day, and we tried "The Dreamer". I loved it, she hated it, I still bought it. to me, Its a really great fragrance.

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    Default Re: Is "The Dreamer" so bad?

    Hola, Mauricio,
    I love The Dreamer. But it's controversial - the opening notes are very strong, and if someone doesn't like those notes, it's a shock. But to me, during the drydown it's a very pleasing, relaxing, comforting scent.

    I'm guessing that where you are, it's quite hot a lot of the time, and if that's true, something like The Dreamer could be overwhelmingly strong if you're in a small room or vehicle with other people.

    It looks like I'm a Versace guy - I recently got Versace L'Homme, and I like that very much, too. It's more refined, and not as brash as The Dreamer, in my opinion.

    Ciao, Dave

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    Default Re: Is "The Dreamer" so bad?

    Yes it is that bad and no it isn't that bad. It really all depends on what you enjoy in a fragrance. It certainly is not one of the all to many generic/innocuous scents which seem to be so popular today. It has a strong character which will rub some people the wrong way but some people will love it. I'm personally put off by the opening but the drydown is really nice. In the end the opening is just too much for me so I don't own it but I can very easily see how this fragrance can inspire passion on both ends of the debate.

    While I don't personally use it and likely never will it is a fragrance that I do recommend that people do try and form their own opinions about.
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    Default Re: Is "The Dreamer" so bad?

    I find Creed's new Tabarome to be a more wearable alternative to The Dreamer. I don't have a lot of experience with Creeds, but the tobacco note here is refreshing without the bombast of The Dreamer.
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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: Is "The Dreamer" so bad?

    I agree with comments above - who said it was bad?

    I dont wear it anymore (wore it about 9 years ago) and actually the note that I always have the most memorable impression from The Dreamer is a strong anise note (a heavily perfumed biscotti...a little nauseating image). However many esteemed perfume critics (Turin and Chandler Burr) love it. Burr's review in the NYT described it as,

    Quote: 'Who was the genius at Versace who hired the perfumer Jean-Pierre Béthouart to conjure the Dreamer? Béthouart has worked magic here, taking Versace’s genetics — its petulant Italian machismo — and adding technical virtuosity (the stuff diffuses perfectly on the skin) to create the scent you’d get if it were possible to combine sugar, steel and graphite. The Dreamer startles you. It’s strangely mouthwatering, like a French pastry crossed with a Thai spice (caramel lemongrass?). Then there’s the hint of ice cream, gunpowder, star fruit, hot cocoa and blood-orange peel crushed on wet rock. There is more creativity in a thimbleful of the Dreamer than in a gallon of almost anything else.'

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    Default Re: Is "The Dreamer" so bad?

    Quote Originally Posted by mikeperez23 View Post
    "combine sugar, steel and graphite. The Dreamer startles you. It’s strangely mouthwatering, like a French pastry crossed with a Thai spice (caramel lemongrass?). Then there’s the hint of ice cream, gunpowder, star fruit, hot cocoa and blood-orange peel crushed on wet rock"
    OK I actually *really* like The Dreamer (I'm embarrassed to admit I have this horribly literal thing where I often wear it to sleep so that I can "dream"), but other than a lot of tobacco, amber and juniper I'm not getting the rest.... gunpowder and crushed blood orange ala rock??

    no wonder those guys get paid to write about frags

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    Default Re: Is "The Dreamer" so bad?

    The only bad thing about Dreamer is that those incredibly intoxicating opening notes don't last long enough. After about an hour and a half I feel like I'm wearing somewhat of an impersonator of the original magnificent scent.
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    Default Re: Is "The Dreamer" so bad?

    The loud and harsh juniper and lily opening combined with the chemically tobacco notes makes you want to pinch yourself - after what seems like eternity it does settle down into a smooth tobacco infused layer of mediocre goodness. I used to somewhat like it, but after experiencing juniper in stuff like Baie de Genievre and tobacco in juices like the Tabaromes, feuilles de tabac and Guerlain Vetiver, the Dreamer just comes off as uncouth.

    It (still) has lots fans and was a huge hit for Versace; I guess you should wear it if you like it.

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    Default Re: Is "The Dreamer" so bad?

    Yes, it is.

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    Default Re: Is "The Dreamer" so bad?

    of course not!

    but then again, that's me. if I had a twin, which I don't, he might think otherwise. u love it or u hate it. that's the only way you can sum it up.

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    Default Re: Is "The Dreamer" so bad?

    This is not the first time this question would emerge And my conclusion is about the same: a great scent, if I have the time to wait. A paperstrip is perfect. Now I have one for 10 days. It takes a week to settle down to the gorgeous drydown which then would keep for months and I can sniff it about ten times a day to bring me into a good, relaxed mood.
    Once I had a bottle, but almost never had the time to settle it - alas.

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    Default Re: Is "The Dreamer" so bad?

    I love The Dreamer, however it is very easy to overdue and the when you spray it on you don't have any plans for about 30 minutes or so because it needs time to die down a bit to really get good.

    I just traded for some last week and the first day I wore it I got many compliments from the girls at work, one of them went so far as to stick her nose in my neck and start purring. Every time I wear it I love the way it smells too.

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    Default Re: Is "The Dreamer" so bad?

    opening note reminds me of those felt marker pens they use on white boards

    brash opening (which i oddly adore by the way) then transform into a really comfort scent...

    a classic...
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    Default Re: Is "The Dreamer" so bad?

    I really dislike it because it envelops you, cloys you, wraps around you and suffocates you. It creates a cocoon of sickly sweet harsh toxic smell that is impossible to escape and I detest anything (or anyone) so clingy.

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    Default Re: Is "The Dreamer" so bad?

    Is it so bad? Now it depends on your nose I guess, When I fist tested it I liked it, but at that time Versace was very famous, I was afraid that everywhere would smell like Dreamer, so I did not buy it and wanted to wait for a while. Time to time I used to go to the fragrance shops and it it a try to remember it and keep it in mind. Two of my colleagues at work are using it time to time and at smells very good. A year ago I bought a 30Ml/1oz bottle almost for nothing. I like it. It is a very nice daily/office/casual fragrance but there is a note which smells very synthetic which reminds me thinner, terpentine or mothball. I guess it is the combination of juniper, tarragon and tabacco. But this on;y to the wearer of the fragrance and to someone very close to him, but the sillage is very good. As long as you don't overdoe it, the people around you would like the sillage. I have disgussed this issue with friends nd colleagues who are using Dreamer. Most of them say the same thing; that it smells very nice when someone else is wearing it, but when they wear it self, the it is scratching their nostrils. Maybe it won't be the same with the aftershave. I have never gave a try to aftershave of it. The only solution that I have found is that I don't spray it to my throat and on my chest. I just spray it to my pulse and back of my neck. I don't advise to use it in the summer or on hot days.

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    Default Re: Is "The Dreamer" so bad?

    I liked it when I wore it (the first time I wore it I might add).. but around the time I had a nasty stomach virus I grabbed a shirt off the floor to put on and grab something out of my car.. the smell was so strong it made me sick.. bleargh. It's only been a month or so. I may try it again but I just don't have the stomach for it right now.

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    Default Re: Is "The Dreamer" so bad?

    The dreamer is wonderful. It actualy has great longevity and a very smooth and sweet drydown. Not for those who like very masculine smells, though. I recently traded mine to "dead man's hand." Not because I don't like it. I just wanted to get something new.

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