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    Thumbs up Azzaro PH: Unexpected Thumbs Up!

    So I decided to go to my local Ulta today and have a little fun. I went there mostly to continue courting Kouros and Fahrenheit, both of which I've been considering for awhile now. As an afterthought, I sprayed some Azzaro PH on a card. At first I didn't like it. Too much anise. Too herbal. Too sharp. I went back to my analysis of Kouros and Fahrenheit.

    About ten minutes later, I gave the Azzaro another try. It was a lot better! Most of the anise note had faded, the herbals were more subdued, and some woods had crept into the background. Well, I decided to give it more of a chance and added it to my Kouros/Fahrenheit side-by-side. For one thing, it's much more subtle than both. I really didn't expect this. Based on the directory reviews, I thought it would be a macho powerhouse with crazy sillage and overpoweringly notes. Maybe so, but not compared it's comrades from the same era. It's very very manly in that there are absolutely NO sweet notes in it, anywhere. But it pulls off the effect with class and finesse.

    I ended up spraying it on my skin at the end of the visit. It was even better than on the card!! The woody notes, patchouli, oakoss and ambergris shined, while the herbals seemed more subdued. It basically turned into a very masculine skin scent, much like Cuiron (in feel, not in smell) that I think would work in most any environment. Great smelling, but not gasping for attention.

    If you haven't tried it or if you've written it off as too outdatedly macho, you ought to give it a try on your skin. Let it settle in for awhile. It's a true gem that isn't talked about nearly enough here on Basenotes.
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    Default Re: Azzaro PH: Unexpected Thumbs Up!

    I too like Azzaro PH. I recieved a free decant with an order and was pleasently surprised with it. I'm a big fan of the 60s-80s "macho" scents and this one fits the bill. I think it's a very nice frag available at some good prices online.
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    great choice
    the too sharp top notes are very different from the very nice drydown .

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    Default Re: Azzaro PH: Unexpected Thumbs Up!

    I agree that is doesn't get enough air time on these boards. I came to it late in life--I must have smelled it in the 70s and 80s but don't remember it. On a whim I recently picked some up and I love it--clean, soapy (yes anisey) top notes, warm drydown. The predecessor/inspiration for another new favorite Rive Gauche Pour Homme. The packaging is very of its day and they offer a huge range of products. For the money, this is a great classic.

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    Default Re: Azzaro PH: Unexpected Thumbs Up!

    I appreciate Azzaro PH, but it just doesn't work right on my skin. Fortunately, I found Rive Gauche to be everything I wanted Azzaro PH to be- both are in the same vein, but I find Rive Gauche's execution to be much more elegant and enjoyable.

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    Default Re: Azzaro PH: Unexpected Thumbs Up!


    Nice review. Azzaro PH is a long time favorite. If used in moderation, it can be worn in formal or office situations (I believe The-Odor pointed that out in his Basenotes review). Still quite popular after all these years in Europe, especially Italy.

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