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    Default opinions need on Tenere by Paco Rabanne...

    Hey Guys I am considering getting Tenere by Paco Rabanne...I would like to get some opinions, descriptions, similarities and comparisons if I guys are the masters at this so ill submit it to the guild.....


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    Smile Re: opinions need on Tenere by Paco Rabanne...

    A fantastic fragrance and very underrated. Not for everyone though. It has a very "sharp" almost tart opening note which is the
    acidic blackcurrant note, ( a superb sparkling cool night air note ! )
    I have very special memories of this fragrance. I was a student and had an evening summer season job working outdoors at a seaside campsite in england.I chose Tenere partly because of the fact it had flopped and was on sale everywhere for half price, (as a student it was all I could afford). Even on the hottest of summer days in england, when the sun goes down there is a slight chill to the night air. Tenere symbolizes for me cool dark night ocean breezes !!

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    Default Re: opinions need on Tenere by Paco Rabanne...

    sounds kinda similar to Horizon by laroche...any similarities?

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    Default Re: opinions need on Tenere by Paco Rabanne...

    No. Not at all. I did not like Horizon. I found it rather boring and dominated by a very artificial fruit note, I think it was a grapefruit or melone note ?
    Tenere is much more interesting, there´s a lot more going on. I sprayed it before replying to your thread, and I had forgotten just how good the drydown is !....there are nuances of musk, vanilla and perhaps cedarwood, but very subtle indeed.
    Gorgeous stuff !...........give it a try.

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    Default Re: opinions need on Tenere by Paco Rabanne...

    I still have the bottle of it with a very small amount left in it. It smells to me honeyish. There are some flower and wood nuances but basenote to me is honeyish. To some people it smells like peeish like cat pee. I liked it and I used it a lot as daily fragrance, but I can't say that it is something very special or smashing. sometimes when I walk near to honey-bee hives I can still get the same scent: the combination of bee wax, honey and some cool herbs like thym or basilicum.. This is mostly the smell of the honey from the high platos. As far as I know it should be expensive now, because it is very hard to find. If you have a chanc eto try it, then give it a try first.

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    Default Re: opinions need on Tenere by Paco Rabanne...

    I absolutely hated Tenere. First of all, I am not a "huge" fan of floral fragrances.. but choice cuts ie, Cerutti PH have won me over. Tenere reminded me slightly of the original Hugo Boss Number One.... only fetid. The things this fragrance did to my skin were unmentionable.

    Let it be known that I don't usually shy away from some of the "old school" and supposedly 'hard to love' fragrances... I would strongly reccomend sampling Tenere before purchasing.. if the idea of a harsher, spikier.. Boss One appeals to all means, give it a go

    Though the progression mellowed the fragrance slightly, I still found it completely unwearable.


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