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    Wink The Fleur du Male Revelation...

    Well, after much debating (a $50 Macy's gift card for my b-day helped, too), I decided to bite the bullet and get Fleur du Male. I got it on Wednesday, but my nose didn't return to normal until today, as I had a virus. (The fact that Basenotes was down for a while didn't help, either.) So, today, I spritzed on the Fleur du Male. Guess what... I liked it!

    But still, it reminded me of something... some sort of soap, to be exact. Then, it came to me that I was smelling the scent of Spirit soap, a soap that was made by the Dial Corporation (the makers of Dial soap, which is now part of Henkel) that was discontinued about a decade ago. I loved the scent of it... too bad people preferred to be Zestfully clean or Caressed before they dressed. But I'm glad I can sniff it again, albeit in longer-lasting eau de toilette form.

    Has anyone else here had another memory of consumer products gone by, rekindled by a certain fragrance?
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    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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    Default Re: The Fleur du Male Revelation...

    As a matter of fact this one reminded me of Johnson's Baby Powder.

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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: The Fleur du Male Revelation...

    Enjoy your FdM - I tried it, but the orange blossom was a little too stifling on me. I can see a soap = FdM connection (although FdM ain't soapy).

    I think that the drydown of Zagorsk by Comme de Garcons smells like Tide detergent. Kind of like burning incense sticks in a laundromat.

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    Default Re: The Fleur du Male Revelation...

    FdM gets a bad rap I noticed on here. It's actually a good scent. It's not for everyone though. But it sure is for me.

    And you can say to me "Take all of it if you can, please!".

    My answer would be "Most undoubtedly I will".

    Guess I got good chemistry with this one.
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