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    Default someone familiar with frederic malle?

    In response to my inquiry, I received two fragrance cards today from Frederic Malle - Lys Mediterranee and Carnal Flower. Each was in a separate plastic zip top bag, but the two smell almost exactly alike. I love whichever one won the battle in the envelope, but I wish I knew which it was.
    Do these two fragrances smell similar enough that they would be hard to tell apart if sprayed on cards and sealed? I'm so ready to whip out the credit card, but want to make sure I'm getting what I expect.
    Thanks to smart smart people at Basenotes for suggesting I fill out their online questionnaire at the end of last year. In response to my original submission, I received most generous 5ml spray samples of L'Eau D'Hiver and Iris Poudre. I love L'Eau D'Hiver - not so crazy about Iris Poudre. Still wasn't ready to commit, so tried again. I think one of these might be my new love!
    Thanks for any help-

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    Default Re: someone familiar with frederic malle?

    Hey Susan,

    They are totally different in terms of smell. I am not an expert, but Lys smells like "watery" Lilly and Carnal flower is a tuberose smell and it is potent. I have both and like them very much. Carnal flower is difficult to pull off in hot weather, I think it is more of a fall/winter fragrance IMHO. Some would argue Carnal Flower is more of a feminine scent. I like it so I wear it. Should try to buy decant first to see if you will like it.

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    Default Re: someone familiar with frederic malle?

    OmegaMan said it perfectly, and I'm willing to bet Carnal Flower permeated your envelope. If you love tuberose, I'm sure you'd be happy with a bottle of it. The CF body butter is also very popular, is so strong it really requires nothing else be used with it, and may be more affordable. If you are anywhere near a Barneys, you could sample Malle scents and body products there. I agree that L'Eau de Hiver is lovely. I find it very similar to a less expensive scent: Paul et Joe Blanc. You may want to hunt down a sample of that too.
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    Default Re: someone familiar with frederic malle?

    Thank you both! Alas, I live nowhere near a Barney's and so must take a small leap of faith. I think I'll follow Omega Man's advice and purchase a decant first. Any recommendations for a source?

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    Smile Re: someone familiar with frederic malle?

    You can check out the Decant Sellers page on the Perfume Posse website. As far as I can remember, Patty, Lisa, Nancy, and Diane all have Carnal Flower available and they are lovely, reputable sellers.

    Good luck!

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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: someone familiar with frederic malle?

    Buy a healthy decant of Carnal Flower before you invest in a full bottle - it is a love/hate scent...I recommend the previous post on decanters, having purchased from them many times in the past and had positive experiences.

    While you're at it, check out the 'new' Malle scent French Lover. Quite a unique scent in itself, though very different from Carnal Flower.

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