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    Default Creed accident - looking for a bottle part...

    Hi ladies, I posted my mild drama on the male section, but I know that women have empty creed bottles too, so maybe someone here can help me -

    Basically I dropped my new Himalaya 4oz bottle on the floor and this small plastic nozzle which connects the spray button to the inner straw broke because I was gazing at it too idolatrously. I was keeping it in my fridge too to take extra care of it which is why the bottle was slippery! It's easy to replace if someone has an empty creed bottle.

    My story with photos is below. If anyone has that little piece from an empty Creed I'd be very thankful! It's easy to pull out with tweezers.


    1. Happy Creeds!

    2. But lo! All is not as it appears! Himalaya is missing his nozzle thingy!

    3. This is the nozzle thingy that I need as a transplant - can easily be removed either with a tweezer or small pliers.

    4. THis is my de-nozzled Himalaya

    5. These are the sad remains of the aforementioned nozzle thingy - the schmutz on it is from trying to glue it.

    6. SMW gives Himalaya a warm hug "Don't despair buddy! We'll figure something out!"

    Just got word that 75ml Creed bottles have the same size nozzle, so if anyone has an empty one of those it's as good as a 4oz to me - thanks!
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