I'm pretty new to basenotes, so I have been spending quite a fair bit of time going through the reviews for various fragrances in the directory. I find that very often, there is a very high noise to signal ratio. There are some stellar reviews which really describe the scent and give me a fair idea of what to expect. Those I really enjoy reading.

On the other hand, there are lots of one and two liner reviews which to me read something along the lines of, 'Oh, this is an aquatic, so it must suck', or 'My significant other wears this scent so it must be the best'.

What I would like to suggest is, have some sort of 'featured review' function something akin to what Amazon has. Either through a mechanism of the community voting for a few featured reviews for each scent, or perhaps have a panel of reviewers (from the community of course) whose reviews appear before everyone elses'.