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    Question Are these Creed frags worth buying?

    I'm thinking of these for my next purchases for the summer months. My nearest department store (John Lewis) only has a selection of about 6 of the most popular Creeds so I can't really try these very easily.

    - Zeste Mandarine Pamplemousse
    - Néroli Sauvage
    - Orange Spice

    Was thinking about Himalaya, but I might go with XS since I know how it smells and it's supposed to be nearly identical to Himalaya anyway.

    I do love SMW, GIT and MI, and find Erolfa OK.

    Am I likely to find these pleasing to the nose? I know they may have longevity problems, and I've come to terms with the fact that a lot of lighter Creed frags have poor lasting power.

    Any advice of comments will be welcomed, as these frags are seldom mentioned in these forums. Or other suggestions from this house?


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    Default Re: Are these Creed frags worth buying?

    Zeste is my least favourite of the citrus creeds. I find it a little feminine. I recommend Bois de Cedrat, Citrus bigarrade, or Acqua di Parma colonia over it.
    Neroli sauvage is absolutely fabulous, citrus with amazing (low sillage) long lasting sandalwood underneath (search for threads on this).
    Orange spice is a strong frag true to its name (i.e. orange and spice). In my opinion it is a winter frag, its quite heavy and not really a summer citrus.

    Himalaya is very good too..

    Maybe try and find someone who could help you try a small amount before buying .
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    Default Re: Are these Creed frags worth buying?

    I would choose Néroli Sauvage (Millésime)...after that Orange Spice (that´s only Eau de Toilette) and it is cheaper...also Zeste Mandarine Pamplemousse is a Eau de Toilette and not a Millésime...

    Virgin Island Water is nice...for me it is more citrus and bit coconut!

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    Default Re: Are these Creed frags worth buying?

    Néroli Sauvage is a very, very nice Creed. Zeste is probably the most short lived Creed I've ever worn - lasts about fifteen minutes on me. Consider sampling first. Most of the online sellers who push Creed will sell you samples at a reasonable price. Parfums Raffy for one sells groups of them for about $20 I think.

    Creed rocks!

    Best regards,


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    Default Re: Are these Creed frags worth buying?

    Neroli Sauvage is terrific. Maybe my favorite Creed I own. Definitely the one I wear the most... If you're looking for "warmer month" Creeds worth trying, I'd wholeheartedly recommend Original Vetiver and Selection Verte. They're both *very fresh* but not in the cheap, tacky Acqua d'Issey Boss sorta way at all. Green that smells really and truly green, in both cases.

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    Default Re: Are these Creed frags worth buying?

    Thanks for the help.

    I had Original vetiver in mind, but the comments about it's similarities with Mugler Cologne have put me off slightly.

    Not a big MC fan - overall it's very pleasing, but there's a note in there that disturbs me somewhat. Don't know what it is.

    Is OV really similar to MC?

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    Default Re: Are these Creed frags worth buying?

    I do find them similar, but OV is like if you took MC and took away all the "wateryness" and really concentrated it, but put a few more notes in, made it even fresher and notched up the Vetiver about 3 more olfactory decibels.

    I tried OV first, and when i tried MC, it was like someone had taken OV and watered it down, made it a lot less interesting and gotten rid of all the staying power

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    Default Re: Are these Creed frags worth buying?

    Strangely enough, I'm on the opposite side of the boat. The only place in town that I can find that sells Creed has (as of today) Himalaya, Green Valley and Original Veitiver. Which I guess is a vast improvement over the "Huh?" looks when I ask for Creed in most other places.

    Anyhow, was really very tempted by green valley and/or Himalaya but didn't want it to be an impulse buy so will mull over it for a few days and go back. Hope they aren't sold out by then.
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    Default Re: Are these Creed frags worth buying?

    I'd go w/ the Orange Spice.(Even though I don't have it) Sauvage didn't stay on me real long.

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    Default Re: Are these Creed frags worth buying?

    Zeste Mandarine smells attractive, but it does have a slightly feminine white flower base...longevity could be better too.

    Neroli Sauvage is excellent. Hirch_duckfinder has already described it well.

    Orange Spice smells like spicy it doesnt reek of spices, because clove is well integrated into the composition and lends a menthol like effect at times.

    Out of these three, I too would choose NeroliS or OrangeS, but there are some who would prefer the softer base of Zeste Mandarine.

    I would also recommend Bois De Cedrat, a classic style lemon-wood fragrance. Citrus Bigarade is bright and sparkly and very very nice.

    You might also be interested in Royal, mandarin, and herbs, very well balanced, starts off slightly sweet because of the mandarin but gets more airy and refreshing over time. Theres a hint of cumin and basil which makes it smell a bit animalic, and I find that interesting. Plus it lasts.

    Selection Verte is a superb composition of mint, pea and citrus. I would probably rate it as the best Creed citrus.

    The Creed catalog offers a wide range of citrus fragrance, and they are also some of the best around. Try them all to see what fits you best.

    Himalaya smells good, but isn't the most exciting composition ..I would rate it a 2.5/5.0 interms of its composition, and around 3.5 interms of effectiveness because it gets me lots of compliments!
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    Default Re: Are these Creed frags worth buying?

    I'm wearing Neroli Sauvage right now. I sprayed it on before I went to bed 12 hours ago. This scent has a low amount of sillage, yet it lasts a long time-- like Hirch said. This aspect of the fragrance initially irritated me-- it smells so nice that you wish it would project a little more. Still, though it stays close to the skin, it lasts quite a long time because of the sandalwood.

    I've smelled Orange Spice before and I like it-- however it's similar to Kouros, so I wouldn't think of it as a versatile scent for warmer months. Zeste Mandarine Pamplemouse I wouldn't buy just because it's name is so, uhh "precious". Just kidding. I've never smelled it-- it sounds nice but people say it's weak.

    I'd go with Neroli Sauvage. It smells really bright, fresh and natural. It has sparkling citrus topnotes, but the subtle warm sweet sandalwood/ambergris basenotes are what makes this scent great. Do check out Bois de Cedrat if you get the chance-- it's one of my favorites. Kind of similar to Neroli Sauvage but for different moods (both are worth owning).

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