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    Default 12 Months of fragrance

    I’m curious to see what fragrance everyone would choose for each month considering the difference in weather depending on the regions. I’ll go first...
    Weather in New Jersey (United States)

    January – Chanel - Egoiste (Freezing temperatures with freezing rain and heavy snow storms)
    February – Comme des Garcons - Carnation (Some light snow with cold winds)
    March – Serge Lutens - Daim Blond (Some days very cold and some days not that cold)
    April – L’Artisan - Mure et Musc Extreme (April showers of course and the weather is starting to warm up to something tolerable. Light long sleeve clothing can now be worn)
    May – Frederic Malle- En Passant (The weather is perfect with flowers blossoming, the sun shining, and the weather just warm enough with a light breeze)
    June – Paco Rabanne – XS Pour Homme (Begins to get very hot and very humid)
    July – Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier - Bahiana (Still hot and humid but I am able to take frequent trips to the beach during this month)
    August – L’Artisan - The Pour Un Ete (It is very faintly beginning to cool down and it rains more often)
    September – Michael Kors – Michael Kors (The weather is like it was in May but the leaves are starting to change color)
    October – Frapin – 1270 (There are alot of soft breezes that carry dark colored leavers across the strees and long sleeves are starting to be worn)
    November – Serge Lutens – Gris Clair (It is now cold and the trees have lost all their leave but they cover the ground still)
    December – Frederic Malle – Musc Ravageur (bitter cold with light snow showers)
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    Default Re: 12 Months of fragrance

    Meaning: Day & night:

    January – Issey Miyake L'eau Bleue & CDG Tar (Freezing)
    February – Kenzo Jungle & Issey miyake Le Feu (Cold)
    March – CDG Lily & Libre etat d'orange Vierges et Toreros (Starts spring)
    April – CDG Odeur 53 & Tierry Mugler ICE*MEN (Warm and quite rainy)
    May – CDG Odeur 71 & Kenzo Homme (Warm)
    June – Aqua Motu & L'eau par Kenzo woman (Hot)
    July – Dyptiqye Oyêdo & CDG Dry Clean (Hot)
    August – L'eau par kenzo Man & CDG Soda (Extremely hot)
    September – CDG Peppermint & Dyptique Do Son (Our second spring)
    October – Burberry London Man & CDG Guerilla 2 (Cooler)
    November – Lolita Lempicka au masclin fresh & Solo Loewe (Cold)
    December – YSL M7 Fresh & L'artisan parfum Piment Brülant (Freezing)
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    Default Re: 12 Months of fragrance

    Based on the weather in Thailand.

    January – A*Men
    February – Ungaro III
    March – Green Irish Tweed
    April – L'eau Dissey
    May – Creed MI
    June – L'eau par Kenzo
    July – Dunhill Edition
    August – Antidote
    September – Burberry BRIT
    October – Gucci Envy
    November – Givenchy PI
    December – L'instant Extreme
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    1. Creed Aventus
    2. A*Men Pure Malt
    3. L'instant Extreme
    4. Nasomatto Duro
    5. CDG - Kyoto
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    Default Re: 12 Months of fragrance

    Well, based on the weather here... (Singapore)

    January - L'eau Par Kenzo (or substitute your favorite fresh/citrus/aquatic scent)
    February - L'eau Par Kenzo
    March - L'eau Par Kenzo
    April - L'eau Par Kenzo
    May - L'eau Par Kenzo
    June - L'eau Par Kenzo
    July - L'eau Par Kenzo
    August - L'eau Par Kenzo
    September - L'eau Par Kenzo
    October - L'eau Par Kenzo
    November - L'eau Par Kenzo
    December - L'eau Par Kenzo

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    Default Re: 12 Months of fragrance

    Colorado Weather:

    January - Dior Homme
    February - A*men
    March - Mechant Loup
    April - Geir
    May - Voleur de Roses
    June - Live Jazz
    July - Chrome
    August - Neroli Sauvage
    September - Cologne
    October - Rive Gauche
    November - Gucci pour Homme
    December - Chergui

    There isn't much of a autumn or spring here (not compared to north east).

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