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    Default Exfoliant - best brand

    Hello. So I decided to buy an exfoliant.
    I was always with dry skin in the forehead. For more hidratant I used it didn't make effect.
    A friend told me it should be better to use an exfoliant because a layer of dead skin accumulates and the no hidratant can pass that layer and treat skin.
    I also made a search in the web and find out I had a skin that is dry, pigmented, resistent, wiht some tendency to wrinlkes.
    I read I should use an exfoliant 4 times a week.
    I went to a store and this is were my problem started. 5 brands and I didn't know which to buy. I would like to ear your opinion. Which is the best and which should I buy?
    - Clinique
    - Lab Series
    - Biotherm
    - Anthony
    - Clarins
    I also read that Shishedo is very good, on of the best, but I did'nt find in the store.
    I would also like to know which hidratant should I use. I use Hydranorme from La Roche Possay and wash my skin with a new product from L'Oreal - Wash Gel with Mentol.
    Which other products should I use (eyes, serum, ????) and of which brands?

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    i'm not a mod, but here's a suggestion - this is a fragrance forum, there's a separate forum for goorming products (check here) that may suit this post better
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    Default Re: Exfoliant - best brand

    Dermalogica. their daily microfoliant...
    it isn't cheap, but it is good.

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    You try Clinique Total Turnaround Cream. It is very effective.

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