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    Smile New scent for young guy?

    Hi all I'm 22 yrs old and have an office job and wanted something thats acceptable to wear around the office but would be more for when I go see my girlfriend.

    I prefer lighter scents more fruity and floral I suppose rather than kerosene smelling scents. The cologne I use right now is Javari from the body shope, Blue sugar, and have samples of versace black jeans, crave by calvin klein, and a few others that escape my mind at the moment.

    I was interested in Christian diors higher and higher energy as well Casran, Nemo, and boss black in motion. I don't want to wear something that every other guy wears and lucky for me most the guys around my age all wear those addidas fragrances or other super cheap super strong fragrances.

    Can anyone help me out here? I'm still very new to the world of fragrances and not really sure where to start, the only place I can find colognes to sample are at The bay Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Thank you all
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    Default Re: New scent for young guy?

    Welcomewelcome Crippledhobo! What a shame you had to ask this question just as theboard is about to be shut down for ten days!!

    Be sure to come back on July 1st and thereafter to get answers to this question! And more!!
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    Default Re: New scent for young guy?

    Thank you for the reply I will be back

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    Default Re: New scent for young guy?

    I'd say as long as you stay out of the Axe/Tag area you should be fine. Body sprays are for the peons!

    My lone floral at the moment is Terre d'Hermes (more a citrusy than a floral). Others in that area would include Boss In Motion and more I can't think of off the top of my head. The Basenotes directory is a great place to start as a lot of the fragrances are broken down into their constituent parts.

    Armani Code is a nice one, it's not as woody as you may like but I think it's refined enough to wear at the office. Terre is (IMHO) better suited for drinks after work.

    I also recommend Lacoste and Gucci. Didn't buy them (limited budget) but I liked the smell of both.

    Cologne is an intensely personal thing, though, so the best thing you can do is go and try. Try to find a place where the salesperson (usually saleswoman) knows his/her stuff and can recommend fragrances based on what you're looking for. Ideally it won't take a journey to the high end like it did for me to get a competent salesperson. And, of course, reward the knowledgeable salesperson with a purchase if you feel he or she has done a good job.

    Welcome to the addictive, expensive world of cologne!

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    Default Re: New scent for young guy?

    Give CK Truth a try. Certainly fine in the office, and I personally enjoy wearing it outside of work also. I think it's one of the most underrated scents around.

    Honestly, though, it's such a personal thing. Why not go shopping with your girlfriend and smell a bunch of stuff, and find something that you both like? You might stumble accross a hidden gem.

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    Default Re: New scent for young guy?

    I guess it would depend on what category of cologne you or your gf love the most. If you have one, you will be able to limit your choices and get better recommendations that way.

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    Default Re: New scent for young guy?

    WELCOME :wave: chad278 ... glad to see another AUSTRALIAN joining the BN group!!
    Hope to see you posting around the forum!!
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    Default Re: New scent for young guy?

    I am actually pretty young too, I am even younger than you are, and I am already addicted to the world of fragrances. The first perfume that I had, and personally I think can be wore by a young people is B*Men by Thierry Mugler, it has citrus notes and I like it a lot. Also give Armani Code a chance, it smells great and sophisticated but also young IMO.
    Hope that helps

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    Default Re: New scent for young guy?

    From recent releases I'd recommend these:
    D&G Light Blue Homme
    YSL L'Homme
    CK Euphoria for men

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    Default Re: New scent for young guy?

    I totally second L'Homme by YSL. Good call Breeze11.

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    Cool Re: New scent for young guy?

    Mont Blanc Individuel and John Varvatos.

    Look them up in the 'review' section

    Even the bad reviews, if you read between the lines, should encourage you to try these.

    And, as a rule of thumb, stay away from whatever trendy crap is currently being marketed to the young

    They think you're suckers.



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