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    Default about Iris Silver Mist

    From those scents I smelled, THIS one (and not No88, Messe de minute, Garcons Synthetics etc.) is the most strange and sophisticated...

    At the moment I think that Iris note (not vetiver or patchouli) shows the subtlety of connaisseurs taste.

    The opening of Iris Silver Mist is very harsh and may be even unpleasant. But the drydown disclose the misty dusky soft atmosphere of iris

    I've read very accurate two descriptions of this scent: it smells like a Moon. The imagery and feeling of Bertolluci's La Luna comes to me. (p.s. I saw this film once and accidentely, but I should say that it made unreal impression to me)

    And the second: it smells like knifes. I would add: If you are not afraid to hurt your heart, - you should try it
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