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    Default Online retailers (especially to the UK)

    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering which online retailers people here use. Prices seem to vary widely. If a website has an air of legitimacy about it can I presume that it is legitimate - or are there lots of bad sites out there?

    I am especially interested in people's experiences with having scents shipped to the UK - which retailers do you recommend and were there any customs charges?

    Many thanks,

    Does anybody have any experience of: Perfume and More, Fragrance Express or Scented Monkey?

    What about the E-bay sellers: Perfume to Go or Perfume Hut?
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    Default Re: Online retailers (especially to the UK)

    I have bought from First in Fragrance from Germany & Luckyscent & both have been quick.They both provide great service.
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    Default Re: Online retailers (especially to the UK)

    Beauty is an ecstasy; it is as simple as hunger. There is really nothing to be said about it. It is like the perfume of a rose: you can smell it and that is all. W.SOMERSET MAUGHAM

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    Default Re: Online retailers (especially to the UK)

    I'll second that on escentual and I've also had very good service and good products from

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    Default Re: Online retailers (especially to the UK)

    21st Scentury, helpful people. And also very helpful!
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    Default Re: Online retailers (especially to the UK)

    I just bought from which seems pretty legitimate in that pricegrabber use it or vice versa. And its definitely the cheapest site on the web of course.

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    Default Re: Online retailers (especially to the UK)

    I have always had good,swift service from

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    21st scentury , they have a shop on ebay but i contacted the guy who runs it and dealt with him direct , always ships next day delivery and always puts good samples in for regular customers (well in my experience he has)
    price wise is very competitive too
    and best of all they are uk based with a decent range of frags.

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    Default Re: Online retailers (especially to the UK)

    Quote Originally Posted by Sudsy View Post

    I had good luck with these guys...they ship to US promptly and their prices are good.

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: Online retailers (especially to the UK)

    I am in the Netherlands and have been buying several online lately, so far got all, but still few one the way. Have one on the way from Perfumes To Go now.

    Most bought only in the shops here but is a lot higher in prize, so look around at eBay too.

    What I do is, ask shop online to keep the value low to prevent custom problems, cause we are only allowed to import $30,00 (for Netherlands) worth, that sure is very less, lol.
    Customs just pick out packages to cheq, so you never know wich ones.

    Anyway you get notice if a package is destroyed, my daugther got last year letter from customs that a gift her friend send was destroyed.

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