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    Default Jean Desprez Versailles

    edit- sorry, a mistake was made here. I will update this later.
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    Default Re: Jean Desprez Versailles

    Stu, please do. I just obtained a NIB bottle of this one and want to join in on a discussion about it and get opinions as well.

    Most money I have ever spent on a single bottle.

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    Smile Re: Jean Desprez Versailles

    I have the Bal A Versailes parfum- rich, spicy ambery vanilla incensey, animalistic, drys down to a creamy sandlwood, musk, patchouli. Cool for a dude since the florals don't over power it. First class

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    Default Re: Jean Desprez Versailles

    I have now received a bottle I ordered off eBay. It was expensive, but I read only good things about it including a positive reference by Scenteur7(Marlen), whose evaluations I usually agree with. In any case, it is unmistakenly an 80's aromatic frag similar to Rochas Macassar, but it has a touch of sweetness without the opening tartness of the RM, and it is not overly aromatic so it has a timelessness to it that I like. I can now see why this got rave reviews in the Basenotes directory. A very nice discovery indeed!

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    Default Re: Jean Desprez Versailles

    Funny, I was just toying with my bottle of this tonight. I can't wear it. I should be able to wear it, and I drag it out every six months or so, but it won't work for me. Tonight it seems sweeter than it ever has (and I've had it for several years) and not as eraser-like in the drydown. Definite censer note appearing in the midsection. My perception may be skewed, because I wore Mitsouko today, resulting in open season on the sweeter aspect. Still, there is a bothersome note halfway through it, creating the impression of two halves of a whole, with the abundancy of the floral top floating just above a smoky, pungent base.

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    Default Re: Jean Desprez Versailles

    Paisley- "censer" note? If you do not want your bottle anymore PM me.

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    Default Re: Jean Desprez Versailles

    I first remember trying this in 1986 and to this day it has remained my favorite men's fragrance. No other scent has such character, warmth, and transitional awareness from top to base notes.

    If I win the lottery I'm going to buy the recipe and relaunch it, oh, yes, I'll have to buy the rights, too.

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    Default Re: Jean Desprez Versailles

    For those who are interested, I currently have a 75ml splash bottle (NIB and sealed) on eBay. Here's the link:

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Jean Desprez Versailles

    I have a fresh bottle which I bought off of ebay.

    This is a very compelling scent. It's lush and powerful and old-school classy. Think BDP, Duc de Verins, etc.

    However, for all of those who abhor the "piss/boxwood" scent in Kouros, this one has it in spades. My female neighbor whom I run all of my scents by practically barfed.

    Not for everyone and I don't wear it others like Angel, Iquitos, that curry scent by Diptyque, and yes, Kouros...but I couldn't be more thrilled to own a bottle.

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    Default Re: Jean Desprez Versailles

    HoldenCaulfield is right -- it's NOT for everybody.
    (Good -- leaves more for me. <G>)

    Seriously -- very rich, VERY spicy Eighties frag.
    Why they EVER pulled this one off the shelves is more than I can fathom.
    Like Patou for Men and Havana, Versailles pour Homme was truly GREAT.

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    Default Re: Jean Desprez Versailles

    I love it and I must say it's very well behaved on my skin, almost comforting
    Interesting that my favorites from this era - Versailles, Patou our homme, Nino Cerruti, Jil Sander Man and Capucci Punjab all contain cinnamon. I get the feeling it's what gives them that little extra icing on a perfect cake.
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    Default Re: Jean Desprez Versailles

    Add me to the list of Versailles PH admirers. I recently acquired a bottle from a wonderful Basenoter. Versailles PH fits perfect with my body chemistry and taste in fragrance. It's a warm, comforting, complex scent that displays a myriad of notes and accords. It's never overpowering or cloying. One of my favorites from its era along with Cacharel PH and Antaeus.
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    Default Re: Jean Desprez Versailles

    When St.Peter lets me pass through the gates of heaven, I do hope along with the angels, saints, and Maxfield Parrish clouds, there will be the scent of Versailles wafting all around me.

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    Default Re: Jean Desprez Versailles

    i always called it my fur fragrance for cold weather it is truly a first class sniff never considered it for men interesting thought

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