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    Default Your thoughts about Amber PH, CdG 2 Edp and others

    I had the opportunity to test a few yesterday and today.

    Prada Amber PH - to me, it was quite nice at the beginning (I cannot talk about the individual notes like some other BNoters ) However, towards the middle, it smelt quite similar to Lempicka Au Masculin with an anise note, which I like VERY much. But at the end, it reminded me of Givenchy Pour Homme, with a very generic woody basenote like some other recent fragrances. And I've got much respect for Givenchy after experiencing Pi and Gentleman (I'm even tempted to buy Gentleman after testing it).

    Comme de Garcons 2 EdP (a silver bottle - the ladies one I think?) - very different to my nose as CdG is not readily available here. After a while it reminded me of YSL M7 with that very unique agarwood note. After washing the dishes! it was still VERY much noticeable. I had M7 years ago and am also tempted to buy it again, but which is the better?

    And lastly - Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme. I've read high reviews here and on other sites (while BN was offline ). It's not available here, but can get it at a good price, though as a blind buy. Now, after joining BN I'm very much into the classics. Bought Caron 3rd Man, Cacharel pour l'Homme, Signoricci, Heritage and Lagerfeld KL.

    Your thoughts please!
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    Default Re: Your thoughts about Amber PH, CdG 2 Edp and others

    Initially I hated Prada Amber PH. When I tested it at Nordstrom, I thought it smelled feminine and not just girly, but in a "Friends of Dorothy" way. I suspected campiness. I couldn't help it-- that's the first thing that came to my mind. It also smelled like a freshly washed poodle.

    Oddly, I kept dipping into my sample and I started to do a 180 on the Prada. What I like about it is that on one hand it has a very smooth seamless feel-- yet it becomes easy to pick out each one of its advertised ingredients. When you've worn it a few times, and I mean FULL wearings of a whole day, you begin to appreciate its luxurious barber soap quality. I had a Macy's gift card and I went and bought the big bottle with the fancy prestige atomizer. It's something I wear often to work. It'll never be the most masculine scent in modern terms, but it's very individualistic, smooth and attractive.

    CdG 2 EDP is a nice fragrance, but it's one I don't wear much-- I think it's just a little too "perfumey" for me with the aldehydes. I'd love it on a woman. I do know what you mean about the comparisons to M7-- they both have a certain exotic wood/spiciness.

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    Default Re: Your thoughts about Amber PH, CdG 2 Edp and others

    I haven't smelled the Van Cleef and Arpels.

    Prada Amber PH - this 'friend of Dorothy' doesn't like it at all. However, I must admit that I base my opinion on only a test from a department store tester. I thought it was an 'okay' top note that turned into a boring fragrance. I couldn't believe that Chandler Burr gave it so much hype for a while there...but perhaps I'll get a healthy sample to give it a full wearing in the future. I always like a good barbershop note, as long as its not too powdery.

    CdG2 - I wouldn't say that this is the 'womans' (although that would be easy to deduce, since CdG released CdG2Man) but I know many men who happily wear CdG2. I deeply admire this scent (like I admire say...Nu by YSL) but I can't wear it. In the Miami warm weather, one particular note that CdG2 is known for, the ink note, can be quite maddening to my nose and turns all 'copier toner cartridge' on me. I have a little sample that someone sent me, and if it ever dips below 60 degrees in the upcoming winter (and I find myself invited to a hip art gallery event) I'll break it out and see if it develops differently in the cool weather. Have you tried CdG2Man? It's one of my favorites!

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