I am currently testing two of Scent Systems remarkable natural perfumes and so far they are proving to be an absolute pleasure.

The first one that I wanted to try was the Jasmine. Now I know that this one got a quite negative review from one of the perfume blogs, but I beg to differ with what was said on there.

It starts off quite creamy with other marvelous floral notes mixed in with the jasmine. It isn't the type of jasmine that you get in a lot of perfumes these days that have been pumped up with synthetics and can smell quite sickly. As I said earlier, they are 100% natural and the oils are of the highest quality. After a while, it took about two hours for the mid notes to really come through and the jasmine started to be graced by the orange flower. The orange/jasmine note now has been there for about 1 hour and it's still going strong with a little touch of vanilla peeking through. Can't wait for the other base notes to finally come through in their glory, vetiver, plant musk and lovage.

The Wild Violet is not quite as strong as the Jasmine, I think the next time I dab some on, I will make sure that I put on a little extra. Having said that, it's a really natural smelling violet. So much nicer than Trumper's Ajaccio Violets, which are nice, but are gone in two minutes. This violet is like walking in a green woodland in the middle of Spring, coming across a clump of Wild Violets and getting down on your knees and burying your nose into the middle of them, taking a deep breath and inhaling the magical fragrance of both the flowers, the stems and to a lesser extent, the earth surrounding them. The Scottish Bog Myrtle that George Dodd has used in this perfume adds to the greenness and seems to soften the rose notes that are hiding, but keep peeping through.

If you find that the full bottles of the perfumes are a little beyond your means, treat yourself to the sample pack. The box is gorgeous, and when I lifted the lid, the intermingled aroma of all the six scents together transported me to a magnificent floral paradise.