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    Default What would La Farandula wear? Want to find out?

    Who? A very progressive Cuban salsa/timba group that somehow got into the U.S. and is playing a gig in Los Angeles at the Florentine Garden in Hollywood this Sunday and the admission is only $12!!! you can find more info on

    Anyway, I don't know what is available to Cubans. Puig? D&G was very popular when I was in Cuba, but I'm just thinking of the logo, and not sure whether it was worn mostly by Cubans or by tourists. I met a guy who was so in love with Ralph Lauren that he embroidered the polo logo on his jeans. "I love Polo" he said with big limpid eyes.

    Sadly, I had no curiosity about fragrances when I was in Cuba. I was curious about La Farandula though and couldn't even track them down in Havana.

    What I didn't realize is that they play back up for a more famous figure, Aramis Galindo. You have to like that name!

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    Default Re: What would La Farandula wear? Want to find out?


    Or Bay Rum.
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