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Thread: Lip sores!

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    Unhappy Lip sores!

    I have developed what appear to be sores (not cold sores) on my lips, which may possibly be a vitamin B deficiency (Despite having a diet rich in meat, veg, fruit and nuts). They're more on the inside and corners so it doesn't look unsightly but it's rather uncomfortable. Anyone have any suggestions (other than diet)?

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    Oh your poor dear. I get these from time to time, especially if I'm sleep deprived. Best help I can give is to take a chewable B-complex vitamin (even a kids' multivitamin will help!), and acidophilus. Rinsing with a mixture of mouthwash and hydrogen peroxide seems to help them go away a little quicker once they're there.

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    Try rinsing with baking soda mixed with water. I find that it coats the sore (and allows for quicker healing) and hence the sore is less irritating.
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    I'm taking B vits already, so it could be something else...but I was on a course of antibiotics last month so the acidophalus supplements may be a good idea.
    They seem to be healing now anyway.

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    When I was a child my grandmother and mother called these hacks.

    Keep well moisturised for a start as they crack even more if dried out.
    Try Vitiman E gel if you can get it.
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