Here are my reviews of Rose and the Oeillet from the Scent Systems natural collection.

This Rose composition is not at all a typical rose perfume, although the beautiful Rose de Mai from Grasse holds a prominent position along with roses from Morocco, India and Turkey. At first, I could smell a yellow rose and I have no idea where that impression came from, I also had visions of walking under an arbor in old English garden with various roses growing in profusion. As the drydown started, there was a different flower growing in the midst of the roses. I just couldn't even think what it could be, so I cheated and looked at Hiram's website, Heather Absolute! Must be another of George's magical ingredients. Down there in the base of the perfume is vetivert, vanilla absolute and plant musk. This one is very long lasting.

On my other hand I have the Oeillet and for those who are not linguistically gifted, Carnation. Now I love Bellodgia by Caron and sometimes wear it, it's the typical clovey carnation scent. Oeillet is nothing like that. As soon as I applied it, I thought to myself that this isn't the typical carnation that people put in their buttonholes at weddings (why do people insist on wearing them to weddings?). Anyway, back to the perfume. It starts off spicy, but not clovey. There's galbanum, clary sage and bergamot. The opening didn't take long before the mid notes started to emerge and I was suddenly transported to the Indian continent with more powerful absolutes, Indian Carnation absolute, cistus absolute and a note that I thought I was vaguely familiar with, basmati flower. Linda Pilkington uses basmati rice in one of her scents. I don't even think that I have started on the basenotes on this one yet, it's a very slow developer. The basenotes according to the website are heliotrope absolute, vanilla absolute, patchouli absolute and once again, plant musks.

I have never known a perfume line to contain so many absolutes.