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    Default Back in the game

    I've been taking time off from fragrance in the sense that I haven't been an avid shopper and searcher lately. I'm getting back into it a little though. Just wanted to talk and share some thoughts about what I've been wearing and thinking lately, and my shopping trip today.

    As for what I've been wearing, for some reason I've been a lot more picky about what I wear. I used to throw on anything and often lots of it. Call me boring but I just don't do that anymore for whatever reason. For a while I went through a Live Jazz and Idole de Lubin faze where those were pretty much the only two things I wore. I only had a decant of Idole and it's gone now and I, despite wearing the crap out of that decant, didn't figure out if I want a bottle of it or not! I guess another decant will have to come. Oh, and I'm not wearing Live Jazz at all anymore. It started to get a little bit fickle so I'm giving it a break. I still have lots of respect for it even if I never wear it again.
    Lately my favorite scent has been CdG Kyoto. It's pretty much been my go to. It's just such a pleasure to wear and it always pleases me as well as others. I LOVE the top notes, really like the mid notes, but find the basenotes slightly dissapointing simply in the sense that they don't bring quite as much character as the top and mid notes. Great scent though.
    Today I went to a local shop. I decided to revisit some L'Artisan scents that I haven't smelled in a while. More on those in a few days after some testing. The only thing I can say about them now is that I still don't like VdR. Just isn't my thing. The most interesting thing about the shopping trip was SL Rousse. Incredible blast of cinnamon opening that assaults the senses. I love it! The jury is still out on the drydown though. I definately like it, but not sure if I love it. I'm going to need to give it another wearing. Haven't seen much talk on Rousse, any thoughts? Definately very wearable by a man. The midnotes share some spice notes with Idole de Lubin. Worth checking out.

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    Default Re: Back in the game

    Welcome back to the circuit . I got Rousse for my wife's birthday (for her, that is ). It is a wonderful cinnamon scent, rather more conventional on the drydown than you might expect from SL, but: it really wears well and I prefer that over an excentric mess such as Chypre rouge. OK, another Ambre Sultan would be even better, of course. Let's just say it wouldn't quite be worth full retail for me, except in the context of a gift (and knowing my wife liked it when she tested it). I will be borrowing it on occasion

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    Smile Re: Back in the game

    I tried Rousse a few months back and felt it wasn't a real WOW. Not bad, but like TGL stated, it's no Ambre Sultan. I'm still loving my, slowly dwindling, decant of MKK.

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    Default Re: Back in the game

    Welcome back the_giraffe - Rousse got lots of Basenotes love on the emergency board. I'll copy my thread about it (and the first five replies to the thread) below.

    Everything I said back then is still this stuff. In the SL line, this is haunting me. Most likely I'll be buying a decant of it from The Perfumed Court, along with Kelly Caleche by Hermes.

    POSTED JULY 9, 2007

    Subject line: Can we talk about Rousse by Serge Lutens?

    I was able to snag a sample of Rousse by Serge Lutens and wore it today. Little disclaimer here: It is volcanic-hot here in Miami. This morning leaving the house for the gym at 6:30am it was 91 degrees. No kidding. And it's HUMID too. And I had to go to the Post Office before I went to my air conditioned office.

    So, onto the Rousse:

    1. The opening was definitely an olfactory memory experience - a VERY STRONG, 'where have I smelled this' moment (a tea I drank; a cinnamon dessert?) - the cinnamon top note is really just perfect. It's not clove-y (or carnation-y) and it's not candy (Red Hot) on me either like some of the reviews I read - but rather a watery, creamy transparent cinnamon. So nice. Maybe creamy is the wrong word...but the cinnamon note is not jarring or tingling but rather muted and diluted. Hope that makes sense.
    2. I got tea notes again while the scent kind of moved along and progressed. I used to drink Bigelow Constant Comment hot tea a lot when I was growing up - Rousse smells a lot like this tea, but absolutley NO bergamot. But instead of smelling like Tea for Two by L'Artisan which frankly is just tea, the gourmand cinnamon note balances the tea note just right.
    3. Sillage was perfect - by that I mean it wasn't choking like some spice scents I wear and love (Spezie by Lorenzo Villoresi, when I overapply it, can clear a room!) but gives off the cinnamon note very gently.
    4. Then it got all ' L'Artisan ' on me and faded. Maybe it was the humidity and how I was sweating? I'd love to try it out again in cooler weather. But it was gone in about an hour. Gone.
    5. I have never smelled a watery, transparent cinnamon scent and I love the concept of that. For this reason, I can't wait to try this again. If you've ever tried Cinnamon Sherbert by Comme de Garcons, you'll know what I'm talking about: refreshing cinnamon. Now, I understand why Serge Lutens released this in the Spring not Fall.
    6. It's becoming apparent to me, that I really love cinnamon in my fragrances. Mental note.

    Who's been Rousse-d out there in Basenotes?

    ZIBELINE wrote: Great review! I tried this at Aedes Saturday and will probably have my daughter pick it up for me soon. You are right, the cinnamon is neither the neither the sticky bakery variety nor part of a way too spicy melange. It doesn't feel like Christmas cookies or mulled wine. It's a cool ethereal cinnamon, indeed. A very impressive offering and the spice is perfect for summer.

    NSAMADI wrote: I only wore this once from a sample spray when I first got it....I actually really enjoyed wearing it....and even surprised because I'm not a fan of SL.....and I was told that it's the least liked by most SL enthusiast. I can't really remember how it smelt..but it was nice in a way...and the sillage is almost prefect...not too loud nor soft....very smooth in this presentation. Anyways, I don't think I'll pick up a bottle...I just enjoyed it a lot more then what's offered in the export line....even over Arabie and Ambre Sultan.

    SLOAN_8013 wrote: Rousse is very well balanced between sweet and dry. During the two times I've worn Rousse, the cinnamon carried itself well and never became cloying nor arid. Reminded me of cinnamon flavored hard candy at times.

    Kyra2 wrote: I've only barely tried Rousse, but it is an awful nice cinnamon. I didn't keep detailed notes, but I think it lasted pretty well even on me. I know it didn't vanish in an hour.. Bet it was the heat and humidity boiled it off. I'd fade out at that temperature even faster.

    INDISCREET wrote: I own Rousse. It's not great on longevity but it's very more-ish. I find it very subtle and woody but also yummy as well. It's not at all what I expected from the notes - I expected a typical heavy spicey Lutens, and it's not - in fact I think of it as my summer Lutens.
    Now I really dislike violet and was nervous when I heard Rousse had violets in it, but it's so subtle and well-blended that it really works for me.

    I think Chypre Rouge is the most hated Lutens, btw...I find it intriguing and own a bottle, but it is hard to wear.
    Currently wearing: Hindu Grass by Nasomatto

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    Default Re: Back in the game

    Hey Giraffe,

    Nice to see you back! Happy to see that you are a fan of Kyoto these days--I've been wearing it often myself. Have you gone back to the Northwest or are you still in St. Louis? Since you've been testing niche stuff, I'm assuming you're not here in St. Louis (The lack of niche fragrances here sucks!)



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    Default Re: Back in the game

    Welcome back The_Giraffe !

    How was the air up there ?

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