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    Default Britto Man...I take back all I said about you.

    It did take me a while to warm up to this scent. Actually I feel like Jeffery right now - how he would trash a scent and the one day have an epiphany - that its the greatest scent on the earth (aka Joop Homme - Michael Kors).

    I always felt that Britto was just a rip off on Le Male and thought it just smelled the same but make up with diffrent notes. For the past three days I wore Britto and then today I used Le Male.

    Yes they are totally diffrent children. Britto is softer rich in vanilla/amber - very much like a masculine version of Gaultier2. Wonderful sillage....and lasting all day.

    Le Male - too heavy on lavender - and very sharp woody notes. The contast of mint throws the scent off too.

    I can't believe I am writing this but I think ......I DON'T LIKE LE MALE any more...

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    Default Re: Britto Man...I take back all I said about you.

    I knew you would get it sooner or later. Le Male is just too... Floral. Definitely a difference between the two--and 212 Sexy Men as well. I just shrug when people say they all smell like Le Male. I'm fond of saying "the more one looks, the more one sees", but in this case, it's "the more one sniffs, the more one smells".
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