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Thread: Good musk!

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    Default Good musk!

    I freakin love musk scents!! i don't know why! Everytime i have a good musk on, i just want to glue my nose to my skin and smell it all day. Suggestions for good musks? I am an equal opportunity spritzer, i will try anything from drugstore to designer and any niche fragrances i can get my little hands on.

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    Default Re: Good musk!

    Go to - there's a stack of them there. My favourites are Rasa, Love's Tru Bluish Light and Madame X (Rasa Xtreme is a little faecal for my nose due to the civet but some love it). She sells samples so go knock yourself out.
    I also love Frederick Malle Musc Ravageur, Caron Tabac Blond (fairly subtle dry down on me but very sniffable). If you can get hold of Serge Lutens Muscs Koublai Khan, that's really quite a stinky musk, but in a good way...but it's only available from the Paris salon and for mail order in Europe. Some basenoters might be able to supply you with a decant or sample though.
    Miller Harris L'Air de Rien has a musky amber dry down too...very nice.
    A lot recommend Kiehls Musk oil, though I've not tried it.

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    Default Re: Good musk!

    I heartily second Musc Ravageur and Muscs Koublai Khan. If the raunchy musk of MKK appeals to you, give Mona di Orio's Nuit Noire a go. It has a similarly animalic base, but its voluptuous floral mid notes can actually make MKK smell "incomplete."

    For a lighter take on musk, you might want to try Mure et Musc from L'Artisan Parfumeur or Fraicheur Muskissime from Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier.

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    Default Re: Good musk!

    Another musk lover here.

    Some other good ones are:

    Attar Bazaar ~ India Musk
    Attar Bazaar ~ Egyptian Musk
    Madini ~ Musk Gazelle
    Madini ~ Musk Pierre
    Madini ~ Alma de Alma
    Madini ~ Baraka
    Bruno Acampora ~ Musc

    Also, if you want to try some authentic deer musk, you can go here:

    I have samples of their 100% Pure Indian White Musk,100% Pure Red Musk and own a bottle of Agar Musk Black w/ Cambodi Oudh. These are truly on a different level.

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    Default Re: Good musk!

    I love musk scents as well and ck be is one of my favorites.

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    Default Re: Good musk!

    My vote goes to Narciso Rodriguez edt.

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    Default Re: Good musk!

    CK be......that's a good clean musk and a personal fave.

    A bit wilder with some fantastic floral overtones.....I can't think of one better than Kiehl's Musk. I tried some and it was fantastic!!

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    Default Re: Good musk!

    I completely agree with the suggestions of Musc Ravageur (a personal fave), Keihl's musk, & CK be (another old time fave). I'll throw in's vanilla, amber, & musk.
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    Default Re: Good musk!

    Another great clean pure musk is Helmut Lang if you can still find it--it's gotten pretty expensive, especially the EDP.
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    Default Re: Good musk!

    The most brazenly animalic musk fragrances:

    Serge Lutens Muscs Koublaï Khän

    An outstanding fragrance in all respects. What you wear to a medieval costume party.


    Musks from various sources
    Civet (animalic - African feline)
    Castoreum (animalic - wild beaver)
    Costus Roots (animalic - wet hair)
    Cistus Labdanum
    Ambergris (animalic - Spermwhale)
    Ambrette seeds (animalic - musky)
    Moroccan Rose

    You can get a sample or decant at While there you should also order a sample of Bal a Versailles Parfum - musks, civet, ambergris.

    Ava Luxe Rasa Extreme

    Shock somebody. Best worn indoors, by yourself or with your most intimate relations. An exquisite animalic full of high quality musks and other goods. Get the pure perfume.


    Indian Musk
    Kenya Musk
    Skin Musk
    Egyptian Musk

    Peruvian Balsam

    Orris Root
    Russian Rose

    There's also a lighter version called Rasa

    Ava Luxe Kama Extreme

    Excellent. Get the pure perfume.


    Exotic musks
    Black Amber
    Bulgarian Rose absolute

    There's also a lighter version called Kama

    You can get samples and see more musks at

    Musc Ravageur smells great but it's basically just a spicy oriental with a little musk. If you want musk it probably won't satiate you, but it's a good one either way. You can get a sample at Mona di Orio's Nuit Noire is a high quality fragrance, unique, sensual, w musk, but nothing like the muskiness of the three above. You can get a sample at or where it's part of their "skank me" package.

    The recommendations by ajmc are good. I haven't tried it, but you should also try Musk Reinvention by CB I Hate Perfume at
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    Default Re: Good musk!

    A HUGE second to all the amazing blends recommended below, especially by pluran!!!

    Here are a few others you may also enjoy:

    Lentheric Just Musk Cologne - try to get hold of the vintage formulation in the elipse style bottle with bronze cap and orange jus.

    Kiehl's Original Musk #1 - I know this was listed before by others but I just wanted to add my thoughts. I find that this is initially very similar to Serge Lutens Musc Koublai Khan in character but lacks the deeper animalic warmth and complexity that makes SL MKK the phenomena it is. There is enough difference between the two to warrant owning both. I have the EDT and a wee sample of the oil. They EDT is great but I much prefer the oil formulation.

    Nemat Egyptian Musk Superior - the best Egyptian Musk - on steriods!!

    Nemat Musk Supreme - animalic woody musk, on a par with Serge Lutens Musc Koublai Khan but smoother.

    Nemat Vanilla Musk - quite a sweet candied scent but the musk keeps it this side of sickly. A great comfort musk perfect for chilly bedtimes.

    The Body Shop (TBS) Japanese Musk - try to get vintage if possible. A delicious green woody chypre musk rounded with oakmoss. Very green and elegant with a very sexy base. The current version is a great everyday, 'clean' musk.

    TBS Mostly Musk - sadly discontinued now but sometimes found online. This sultry, woody musk manages to emulate the scent of warm aroused skin without any feacal / animalic funk. Just uber sexy.

    Ava Luxe Linen Musk - this is a great musk for warm, summer weather. Light and diffusive but still with plenty of presence and a delicious haunting sillage. Quite elegant.

    Ava Luxe Egyptian Musk - pretty, wearable everyday interpretation of this popular scent.

    Parfums de Couer Sexy Musk - I haven't got hold of this yet myself but I have heard good things about it. A feminine, flirty sweet but sexy everyday musk body spray (strong enough and longlasting to be used as a scent alone).

    TBS Altaro EDT - underrated scent from the body shop which is a sultry almost gourmand woody musk blend, featuring sandalwood, amber, vanilla, and musk. I find it a simplistic linear cousin to Bond No.9 Chinatown. A winter favourite.

    Revlon Intimate Musk - a scent twin to the more popular 70/80's favourite Coty Wild Musk. I am slightly anosmic to the musks used in the Coty and prefer this slightly woodier, heavier version of the same scent. Very comforting with a subtle but pervasive sillage. Sits quite close to the skin. Very affordable since it is so thoroughly out of fashion but worth a try if you love all things musk.

    Coty Wild Musk - the oil formulation is the best for this scent as many have found that the EDT can be a bit sharp and piercing on initial application. On me, a very light subtle old style musk - clean, powdery but also sexy.

    Coty Jovan Musk - try to get the oil in this as it is the best formulation. A great, subtly sexy everyday musk with a classic 70's musk vibe.
    That's all for now though I know that there are a few more knocking about that I just can't bring to mind at the moment....

    But I am sure you have enough to be going on with for now!! Do let us know how you get on and add your reviews to the Basenotes database...

    Good Luck & Happy Sniffing!!
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    Default Re: Good musk!

    Lucky you! It sounds like you get along just fine with musk-heavy scents, and you've received many outstanding selections above. However, for those times you would like to reach for something a little more sheer and ethereal, I will recommend Bulgari's Eau Parfumée au Thé Blanc. This is a citrus, white tea and white musk scent, in about equal parts, with an occasional spicy note (pepper) for a little interest. It is a very unique scent in that it is light, refreshing, and longlasting. The white musk dominates the drydown. I also concur with the BN reviewer who noted that the matching shower gel is outstanding. If you love musk, I think you owe it to yourself to try this one. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Good musk!

    I'm surprised none of the previous replies have mentioned Santa Maria Novella Musk. I, too, love musk scents and never thought I'd find something I like more than Musc Ravageur. SMN Musk might just have shaded it - and that's a BIG statement!
    Basenote member reviews of SMN Musk here ->
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    Default Re: Good musk!

    Have you tried Bulgari pour Homme Extrême? At first it reminds me of luscious tomato leaves, and then it dries down to a heavenly musk .
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    Wink Re: Good musk!

    I'm going to second Indiscreet's and Pluran's recommendations: Ava-Luxe makes beautiful musk scents. She makes beautiful stuff, period. Madame X, Pearl Musk, You'll get a fantastic range of musk scents at great prices. And everything I've received from her so far has been very wearable.

    To a noob like me, this is important since there are a number of musks (SL MKK) tend to be intellectual exercises rather than perfumes that provide the OMG you smell awesome reaction that most of us are looking for.
    Coty Musk! I had a bottle once. It was a small black bottle with Musk written in gold. It was an oil based perfume. It was really like a man magnet! Seriously I kid you not. (but then maybe it was just me). I remember this ad from years ago, I was a kid it went like this.... "Just Musk the perfume with the provocative aroma....and it ends with the woman doing the commentary being picked up by a man and swooped of to the bedroom while she is still trying to say her lines, it ends with a "...."oooooh!" squeal of delight.
    Musk is good! I like natural musks too like ambrette seed oil.

    Ruru - thank you for reminding me of the first perfume I remember wearing regularly - Coty Wild Musk. Rollerball and all. I thought I smelled DIVINE. Mom complained I smelled like used underwear. What little she knew. Now I have to go find another bottle.....
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    Default Re: Good musk!

    I second, Musk Revelation by CB I Hate Perfume
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    Default Re: Good musk!

    Quote Originally Posted by RuRu View Post
    GASP! Tomato leaves??? This is the scent I love the most in the world, but I have only ever smelled it from...well..tomato leaves and the geranium leaves, and I mean the musky geraniums that nobody else ever liked the smell of, not the rose or the lemon geranium.
    I swear that smell is also naturally occurring in mens beards!!! (Thats my theory and I'm sticking to it mmmmh!!!)
    Hi, RuRu, CB I Hate Perfumes has a scent that's a lot tomata leaves in it, Memory of Kindness. I know there was a candle company, Votivo, that used to have a Tomato leaves candle. I can't seem to find it anymore, which is a darn shame because I adored it.
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    Default Re: Good musk!

    Mia from Tickled Pink Scentsations has a fantastic Egyptian Musk.
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    Default Re: Good musk!

    Quote Originally Posted by RuRu View Post
    GASP! Tomato leaves??? This is the scent I love the most in the world,!!!
    Also a lot of tomato leaf in Annick Goutal's Folavril

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    Default Re: Good musk!

    I too love musks and I seem to be especially fond of the oils, Bonne Bell Skin Musk is a nice one- the oil version, same with Coty Wild Musk though it seems like both are getting harder to find these days. I also really like the Egyptian Musk oil at, it's a very thick oil and has the most lasting power of the three. I have yet to find a splurge priced musk scent that I adore.... but I am new here and have a very naive nose so I am getting ideas from the responses to your post! thanks

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    Post Re: Good musk!

    Musk LV
    Moss/ Mousse de Chine Ava Luxe
    Kiehl's Original Musk Kiehl's
    Musk SMN
    Muscs Koublai Khan SL
    Several that I have found, that I enjoy.

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    Default Re: Good musk!

    Musc Ravageur


    Perfect Veil

    White Musk by Amica (musk and violets!)

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    Default Re: Good musk!

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned Kouros, which is loaded with Civet.

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    Default Re: Good musk!

    Musk Ravageur = Love!

    MKK = uh, shower much..?

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    Default Re: Good musk!

    Snake Oil
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    Default Re: Good musk!

    Musk Ghazelle by Ajmal is the best Musk I have smelled. When my wife puts it in her hair I melt. When I wear I feel powerful. More true to real Musk (Ajmal says it is real Musk) it is Animalic but not sickening, Soft/Powdery, and Musky without being overbearing, and does not smell like the 70's.

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    Default Re: Good musk!

    My favourite musks:

    -Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely (I'm even surprised by how much I like it!)
    -Kiehl's Musk (in EDT...the oil is too sweet for me)
    -Mure et Musc
    -Angeliques Sous La Pluis (vegetal musk?)
    -Serge Lutens Clair de Musc

    Musks that don't turn my crank:
    -Musc Ravageur doesn't smell anything like musk to me
    -Ava Luxe's stuff just doesn't do it for me
    -MKK is beautiful and strange...but I don't even want to wear it

    For the person asking about Tomato Leaves - Eau de Campagne by Sisley
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    Default Re: Good musk!

    I'm sure at least one of the Samba for women must be a good, gentle musk, but I've only tried the men's ones. Samba Red for men is a nice skin musk, I'd guess it would be considered unisex.
    I'll also add that Samba Viva for men, which I'd like to sell or trade, is another skin musk that I'd say is unisex. It's been described as walking around the produce section in a health food store. There is clearly an orange-like quality to it, which lingers beyond the top notes. It's a bit too simple for me, and I like the Red better, so I haven't used it beyond a couple of times, about 7 or 8 sprays at most.
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    Default Re: Good musk!

    got original deer musk xD none of the above can compete with that
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    Default Re: Good musk!

    Musk to Musk is a pretty good Musk fragrance.

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