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Thread: Good musk!

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    I'm sure at least one of the Samba for women must be a good, gentle musk, but I've only tried the men's ones. Samba Red for men is a nice skin musk, I'd guess it would be considered unisex.
    I'll also add that Samba Viva for men, which I'd like to sell or trade, is another skin musk that I'd say is unisex. It's been described as walking around the produce section in a health food store. There is clearly an orange-like quality to it, which lingers beyond the top notes. It's a bit too simple for me, and I like the Red better, so I haven't used it beyond a couple of times, about 7 or 8 sprays at most.
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    got original deer musk xD none of the above can compete with that
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    Musk to Musk is a pretty good Musk fragrance.

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    Make sure to sample MKK first. It has strong civet and not for everyone. Musc ravegeur is rather gorgeous, picked it on a trip from paris last month.

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    Make sure to sample MKK first. It has strong civet and not for everyone. Musc ravegeur is rather gorgeous, picked it on a trip from paris last month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajmc View Post
    Another musk lover here.

    Some other good ones are:

    Attar Bazaar ~ India Musk
    Attar Bazaar ~ Egyptian Musk
    Madini ~ Musk Gazelle
    Madini ~ Musk Pierre
    Madini ~ Alma de Alma
    Madini ~ Baraka
    Bruno Acampora ~ Musc

    Also, if you want to try some authentic deer musk, you can go here:

    I have samples of their 100% Pure Indian White Musk,100% Pure Red Musk and own a bottle of Agar Musk Black w/ Cambodi Oudh. These are truly on a different level.

    I do see some red musk from other essential oil companies which are far more comfortable in cost. Does anyone know what composition are those musks ? I doubt if they are from any plant substitutes rather than the Himalayan Deer Musk.

    Pl share your thoughts .

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    Default Re: Good musk!

    New York Musk by Bond
    Kiehl's Musk

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    Default Good musk!

    Hey all. Again, keep in mind that the OP seeking information on musk scents was asking about them 7 years ago. Hopefully they've found something by now!

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