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    Default What Bottle Is This?

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    Default Re: What Bottle Is This?

    Chris, it looks vaguely familar to me, like something in one of my Depression Glass books. I've tried and can't find anything, but it's really nagging at me ...

    Do you think it's a perfume bottle? Are there threads at the top for a lid? At first glance, I thought it was maybe a bud vase?
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    Default Re: What Bottle Is This?

    Looks alot like a Lucien Lelong bottle, many were shaped like that with various designs. Those were used for the EDCs and could be up to 12 inches high. Not sure which fragrance that one held, but that's my best guess.

    The later shorter bottles were impressed with LL, but the long ones were not.

    Wish I could help more!
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    Default Re: What Bottle Is This?

    Yep, Zibeline, that's it.
    I don't know what perfume it was (probably Indiscreet) since the label and lid were removed, but that's the house.
    Here's a link to ebay for proof:
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    Default Re: What Bottle Is This?

    Is this a great place, or what??!!
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    Default Re: What Bottle Is This?

    NK. A person can find out anything here.
    Stock tips?

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    Default Re: What Bottle Is This?

    make a bong out of it

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