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    Default On Returning Colognes

    I have to say that If I buy from let's say a CVS, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, or any other discount store I have no problems returning a used cologne - I have before and definately will in the future, although Im not as sure you could do the same at a Macy's/Nordstrom (but I rarely buy from there anyway). Right now im testing out Graphite Blue by Realities, as I bought it because I liked the smell in the store. What do all of you think about returning fragrances?

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    Default Re: On Returning Colognes

    If you spray something once or twice and return it in perfect condition, most department stores will take it back.

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    Default Re: On Returning Colognes

    I had no problems returning fragrances to Nordstrom and Macys. I always had receipts though.

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    Default Re: On Returning Colognes

    Unless my scent bottle was faulty I wouldnt DREAM of returning a fragrance, irrespective of the store it was purchased from.

    As far as Im concerned, the scent begins to deteriorate from the moment you spray it or introduce oxygen to the contents. I would be mortified to think, as a customer re-purchasing an already sprayed, returned fragrance, that I was being sold a less-than-perfect product. If the scent had been used and returned, and sitting on a shelf for many months, its quality would become more questionable with age.

    Im 100% against taking the scent back due to 'buyers remorse', or simply changing ones mind. Returning used scents for this reason is rather like returning an opened carton of milk, to my mind.

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    Default Re: On Returning Colognes

    I don't think they resell fragrances that were returned ( and opened/used ). I may be wrong, but hopefully not.

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    Default Re: On Returning Colognes

    I hate to return stuff, no matter what. Therefore I buy perfumes hardly ever on impulse. Instead I take the time it needs for sampling, and that's more than a day or two.
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