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    Default How Long Does It Last ...

    Hi all! I just received a new bottle of A*Men as a gift. But, I have enough in my existing bottle to last for another 4 months or so. If I do not open the box, will it just sitting around effect the scent. Of course Ill keep it in a dark place.


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    You should be fine. Just keep it in the box. You shouldn't have any problems with it.

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    Default Re: How Long Does It Last ...

    (And keep it away from high heat...)
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    Thanks a lot!! So cologne will keep as long as it stays in its box. I have always wondered about the cologne on the store shelves. At one point does a new cologne become old.

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    The box is only valuable for its shade. It blocks all of the light to the bottle. That way you don't have to hide you colognes in a closet or fridge. Sometimes they alos have aesthetic qualities but I keep mine for the protection and easy trasport of the bottles.

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    I have bottles of both EdT, EdP and parfum that are over 20 years old. They keep beautifully!

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    Default Re: How Long Does It Last ...

    Think of it like fine wine. How do you store fine wine? Someplace cool and dark - away from heat and light, especially sunlight.

    I have to agree about the boxes making it easier to transport. I've got a small "office collection" and any time I'm changing offices and have to pack and ship it, I wish I'd kept the boxes.
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    Like the others have said, it should last a while even on your shelf. For example, I bought Chrome almost five years ago and the little bit in the bottle still smells the same. When you add more to your collection, it's bound to happen that you can only wear some of your favs only so often.

    But, I keep hearing that a lot of basenoters put their fragrances in the fridge. I read an article, some time ago, that you don't want to do that because it alters the fragrance original scent. I am curious if this is true?
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