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Thread: Prada - ho hum?

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    Talking Prada - ho hum?

    I bought Prada at full retail price after much retail therapy - and decided I just HAD to have it. Now to my dismay - it is sort of leaving me a little - well, lukewarm.

    Now, I must admit to my absolute adoration of Chanel Coromandel - and I could smell some similarities with Prada. But Prada seems to lose the earthy patchouli I love and pretty much become a soft purring kitten - whereas the Coromandel follows me around all day like a lioness that isn't sure if she wants to mate or eat!!

    Is it just me or does everybody think Prada is not quite SEXY enough. And is so - what is Prada Intense like? Is it INTENSE or just noisy?

    Would love your thoughts. Have just bought a 15ml decant of Coromandel from The Perfumed Court - so not much longer!!! Yippee!! I'll be back to stalking soon!

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    Default Re: Prada - ho hum?

    To me, Prada (original and Tendre) are not sexy scents. They are great for everyday and for work. Smells wonderful and not distracting. I haven't tried the intense version, so I cannot comment.

    I would classify Coromandel the same way. It does have the Chanel qualities and yes I would categorize it the same as Prada, everyday and very wearable to work.

    I guess that if I wanted to project sexy, I would be wearing the likes of Agent Provocateur, Narcisse Noir (oohh, la, la) or Fleurs D'Oranger.
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    Default Re: Prada - ho hum?

    Do not own a full bottle of Prada, but looking forward to it. Totally agree with dimples that it is an everyday/work fragrance. On me it is never the same at any particular moment of the day, it changes from earthy to heavenly in the blink of an eye, and keeps me going. Just like black Armani Mania. Have not tried the Intense.

    LOL at your description of Coromandel as a lioness, Gumoosh!
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    Default Re: Prada - ho hum?

    Indulged in Prada when it came out - went through a full bottle in a coupla years and never felt the urge to replace it.

    For the life of me I can't remember it's effect. Which tells me something. I never felt it was "Prada" which I think of as futuristic, intelligent and quirky....a bit loony and mysterious. The 'fume is unmemorable (is that a word?) but very very pleasant.

    Can't speak for either Coromandel or Intense. (OR Agent Provocoteur - another "gotta try".)
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    Default Re: Prada - ho hum?

    Quote Originally Posted by Taolady View Post

    Can't speak for either Coromandel )
    T., I think you'd love Coromandel!! I'll see if I have a sample to send you

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