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    Default private tabarome?

    hi all ive got a bit of a prob today
    i already own the creed tabarome
    and i have come across a chance to own the older version , the private collection tabarome for a reasonable price
    ive heard good things in the reviews of it. but i am wondering how similar the 2 frags are
    does anyone own or tried both and what is the differece between them?
    i cant find samples of this frag anywhere so faced with a choice of buying it or rejecting it
    would anyone who already owns or had it reccomend i buy this blind or hold out for a sample

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    Default Re: private tabarome?

    Tabarome Millesime and Private Tabarome (vintage tab as we call it) are two completely different fragrances. I have the new Tab and like it. I have a sample of the vintage Tab and I didn't like it at first, but it's grown on me. I thought it smelled like urinal cakes/mothballs at first. It's a little stuffy, but it would work with a suit-- it just takes confidence and a bit of class to pull it off.

    If you can get it for a super low price, snag it-- you can always resell it if you don't like it. Otherwise, you may want to sample it first... Though it can be fun when you make a blind buy and it turns out to be something you love.

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    Default Re: private tabarome?


    I received a sample of Vintage Tabarome last week and tested it against the Millesime version on Friday. I definitely preferred the Millesime version over the Vintage version (probably because the dominant Tabarome notes blend so well with the Millesime base). I was turned off by the "urinal cakes/mothballs" scent referred to above. They say that Vintage Tabarome was created for Churchill, which is well and good, but unless you want to smell like Churchill's clothes that are on display at the V&A, then go for the Millesime.



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    Default Re: private tabarome?

    I think they're too different to compare, they merely share the name and perhaps a note or two.

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    Wink Re: private tabarome?

    Yes. Private Tabarome, report for duty.

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    Default Re: private tabarome?

    Quote Originally Posted by zr0e View Post
    I think they're too different to compare, they merely share the name and perhaps a note or two.
    I agree here strongly, they are very far from each other. These are not 2 in the same category, Tabarome Millesime with a very strong sweet ginger-tobacco leaf dominating through much of the drydown, and Vintage Tabarome with a harsh dry cigar smoke like drydown. IndieGuy does raise a good point though, if you can get it at a good price, it won't be that hard to unload it if you didn't like it as it's hard to find. I spent well over 6 months waiting for scentiments to get it in stock, and was alerted by my favorite basenoter when one day it did show up as in stock.
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    Default Re: private tabarome?


    Count me as a strong dissenter.

    I agree that they have little in common...with that said, I FAR prefer the original.

    If anyone has a bottle to swap of sell, please contact me! I have a new bottle of the newer version for swap that's been sprayed twice.

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    Wink Re: private tabarome?

    thaks for the info guys
    im going to take up the offer and grab the flacon
    like you say if i dont like it then i can always resell it

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    Default Re: private tabarome?

    If you don't like it, then I'd probably be interested in taking it off your hands...but I think you'll be happy with it!

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    Default Re: private tabarome?

    I slightly prefer Vintage Tabarome, but I wear Tabarome Millesime more. Olivier Creed did a helluva job with Tabarome Millesime, a modern interpretation of the vintage formulation.

    V. T. is denser, heavier and more "leathery", but is slightly fresh and soapy at the same time (due to the clove, green tea and lemon). Tabarome millesime is lighter overall, but has a more raw tobacco note spiced up by ginger, vetiver and hints of jasmin and lemon..theres definitely nothing overly sweet here, especially with the tobacco-ginger-clove combo dominating. Most of the people who I have introduced the Tabarome duo to prefer the Millesime. I used to overapply it in hot weather because "it wasn't strong enough" and used to be overwhelmed by the ginger which really kicks in when mixed in with sweat and 95+ degree temperatures. It works wonderfully when no more than 4 sprays are used. The Vintage has legendary longevity and excellent sillage; I don't understand the 'urinal cake' note some of the people here are talking about. Kouros this is not.
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    Default Re: private tabarome?

    The Vintage (Private Collection) Tabarome is strong, strong, strong.
    Did I say strong? And that's a good thing to me.
    One spray, maybe two will do.

    Very rich and very distinctive. The Tabarome Millesime is more gingery.
    If you do get a full flacon of the Vintage it will last many years, as you
    don't need to spray much to get all-day longevity.

    I think it's worth buying, as it is not readily available except at Neiman Marcus,
    at full price. Mine was a half-price buy from Bond No. 9's flagship store when
    they were closing out the Creed line. It's gonna last a decade.
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    Talking Re: private tabarome?

    the 8.4oz flacon of private tabarome its on its way im really looking forward to it now!
    on that note i was out today and took the wife shopping for clothes and with the new purchase on my mind i thought id give myself a dousing of the milliseme tabarome as my SOTD
    my wife had previously stated she hated it and it smelled like oven cleaner
    how rude!!!!!
    i myself think it is a outstanding frag , and i only very rarely wear it in my rotation of creeds
    as i consider it a special one
    and low and behold 1 hour after spraying she said "your wearing that oven cleaner again arent you!"
    but then later in the shopping centre she asked what that lovely smell was , on closer inspection she said it was the tabarome i was wearing and the smell on me had changed completley over the last 2 hours into a different smell altogether and told me she absolutley adored it!
    so after 7 months of telling her it was awsome and getting negative feedback from her
    the tables have now turned
    long live TABAROME !

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